Increase the Sensor Life significantly

S01W-PurgEye100-IP65-WeldPurgeMonitorYou may have noticed already that your spare or replacement PurgEye® 100 sensors are being shipped in new packaging.

This is a way to increase the sensor life significantly with this new storage method.

Spare sensors are packed at source inside a small sealed compartment to prevent oxygen from entering.

Once the tiny amount of oxygen inside the sealed volume has been consumed, a partial vacuum has been created just leaving the residual atmospheric nitrogen behind that protects the sensor and leaves it inert until the package is opened for use.

In this way, the average life has been raised close to 20 months or more.

PurgEye® 100 Weld Purge Monitor® not only have a "low sensor" warning signal, which normal oxygen monitors do not have, but you know that when your replacement sensor arrives that it will last much longer than any other oxygen monitors.

Spare sensors are sold as a single unit or as multiples subject to preference.

PurgEye 100 IP65 Weld Purge Monitors Mark V MKV, MKIV, MKIII, Gas AnalysersIn addition to increased life, this sensor packaging affords an extra degree of protection to the special contacts and the sealing membrane on top.

The packaging will protect the sensor from scuffs and damage during transit and will keep it clean during storage.

Other sensors in the industry have a low long life. They start to deplete immediately after manufacture. It can then take many months before they are put into use. Allowing shipping time to the sub contractor who will keep them in stock for some time, then to the reseller who will then send them to the welding distributor after which it will be shipped to the Customer who in turn might wait some time before using or inserting the spare sensor. The average life of most other sensors is then 10 – 12 months, which is not very long.

Use PurgEye® 100 sensors with this unique packaging and get a much longer life of 20 months or more from your instrument use.

HFT are constantly considering the needs of the customer. By using our scientific knowledge and background, we are able to develop and engineer new ideas to ensure and help the customer save money, always.