Bright, Clean, High Quality Welds with Trailing Shields®

01W-WeldTrailingShieldsWhen welding titanium, stainless steel and other reactive metal pipework and sheet metalwork, it is important to prevent the welds from oxidising or coming into contact with any air during their welding and cooling periods.

The use of products called Trailing Shields®, designed and manufactured by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® ensure the weld stays under a protective argon gas coverage, while the hot weld metal is cooling, preventing it from oxidising on contact with air.

Titanium and stainless steels are chosen for their corrosion resistant properties in particular and if they are then allowed to oxidise during the weld cycle, expensive post welding cleaning techniques become necessary.

With the use of a simple, low cost accessory called a Trailing Shield®, this oxidation and expensive cleaning process is eliminated.

Georgia Gascoyne, CEO at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® said: “Our range of Trailing Shields® are available in flat format for sheet metal welding or in curved format for welding circular items like tubes, pipes and tanks. Use of Argweld® Trailing Shields® will allow much faster welding, offering savings in production costs when welding stainless steels and titanium.”

Trailing Shields® are manufactured for all diameters of tubes, pipes and vessels and they can be fitted to all brands of TIG/GTAW and Plasma welding torches. As well as the shields for manual welding there are longer and wider versions manufactured for automatic welding.

In summary, one simple low cost Trailing Shield® will prevent oxidation, reduce gas costs and eliminate expensive post weld cleaning, giving payback in less than one weld.

02W-WeldTrailingShields     32W-WeldTrailingShields

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