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Technology driven Companies


The ability to exploit advances in engineering technology is what drives many world leading companies forwards. Rolls Royce in aero engine production, Siemens in semiconductor development and McLaren in racing car design are all outstanding examples of companies where technical expertise is crucial to their success.

These are all household names of course but there are many much smaller global operations that are able to maintain a leading and international presence through continuous development.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT®, in the UK are global leaders in weld purging equipment manufacture.

Their in-house technical expertise is used to research and then integrate advances in materials and components into a range of products that has set quality and performance standards that are recognised worldwide.

Fundamental to HFT®'s success is a team of engineers with decades of experience in the welding industry: a team dedicated to meeting ever-changing demands from consumers for product development.


Global standard Argweld® QuickPurge®II,
the first fully integrated Inflatable Weld Purge System.

Available to use with pipes between 300 and 2400 mm diameter


Fitted with PurgeGate® anti-burst device and Intacal®
purposed designed low profile fixed purge valve.


Argweld® PurgElite®, at 25 mm the world's smallest weld purge device.
The range covers pipes between 25 and 300 mm diameter.

The World's first ever remotely reading Weld Purge Monitor®,
now part of the Argweld® PurgEye® range.

This version allows purge readings down to 10 ppm to be viewed on the monitor,
up to 1 km from the weld zone.

Technical support for customers is provided in many ways one of which is through published articles in International journals. This data is available readily from the company on request but an indication of the depth of source material is provided by the following list of subjects.

These articles cover issues such as weld purging of titanium products, stainless steel tubes and pipes, aerospace components and nuclear industry fabrications. Under development now for publication are features such as weld purging large tanks, remote purging of weld joints in lengthy pipelines, flexible enclosures for weld purging and corrosion issues.

A list of Keywords with the number of the paper is as follows:
Alternatives to purging/19
Corrosion/1 to 5
Tungsten electrodes/20, 21, 24
Inert gases/2
Nuclear 15
Orbital welding/5, 8
Pipes/6, 14
Regulations/10, 12
Soluble film/25


1   Microbiologically influenced corrosion of stainless steel
Jörg-Thomas Titz
2nd symposium on orbital welding in high purity industries, La Baule, France

2   Purging while welding
Thomas Ammann
BOC Australia Document 2010

3   Effects of purge gas purity and Chelant passivation on the corrosion resistance of orbitally welded 316L stainless steel tubing
Pharmaceutical Engineering. Vol 17 Nos 1 & 2 1997

4   Purge welding stainless steel for cleanability and corrosion resistance
foodprocessing.com.au. May 2010

5   Considerations for Orbital Welding of Corrosion Resistant Materials to the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard
Dr B. K. Henon, Arc Machines, Inc.
Stainless Steel America conference 2008

6   Choosing an Effective Weld Purging Technique
Dr Michael Fletcher
Analysis of the results of recent study of reliability, effectiveness and cost of using weld purging techniques.
Stainless Steel World 2013

7   Major Advances in Weld Purge Technology
Michael Fletcher
Highly innovative developments in purging meet the most demanding applications.
World Pipelines 2013 Oct

8   The Circle of Life
M J Fletcher
World Pipelines 2013 vol 13 No 1 pp57-62
Comparison of purge techniques with orbital welding

9   Repeatable Results
Dr Michael Fletcher
Experience with weld purging on stainless steel pipes
World Pipelines 2012 Aug pp139-142

10   Welders Rise to Meet a Challenge (Not yet published)
Michael J Fletcher
Welding Journal June 2014
Contemporary purge equipment meets the needs of demanding industries

11   Purging the System
Michael Fletcher
LNG Industry magazine 2012

12   Welders Meet the Challenge
Dr M J Fletcher
New regulations can be met with purging equipment
Chemical Engineering 2012

13   Advances in weld protection during fabrication of stainless steel tubes
Welding Design 2011
Commercially available products reduce the time and cost of the purging process

14   Gas Purging for Weld Root Control during Pipeline Fabrication
Kuwait International Pipeline Conference 2010
Critical examination of recent developments in inert gas purging

15   Innovation in Weld Protection
American Welding Society Spring Conference 2010
Analytical review of innovative products designed to provide inert gas protection

16   Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication
Dr M J Fletcher
Significant cost savings can accrue through the use of specialist purging equipment British
Stainless Steel Association 2011

17   Help Is On Hand for Testing
Process Industry Informer July 2009
The use of expanding plugs as an aid to pressure testing of pipework

18   Gas Purging Optimises Root Welds
Dr M J Fletcher
Review examining recent developments in inert gas purging
Welding Journal Dec 2006 pp 38-40

19   Glass Fibre Tape Materials – the cost-effective solution to weld backing
Dr M J Fletcher
Welding & Cutting No 5 2006 pp 264-265
Critical examination of weld backing techniques
www.welding-and-cutting.info (DVS)

20   Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Electrodes
Dr M J Fletcher
Considerations to be made in selection and preparation of tungsten electrodes
Indian Welding Journal 2005

21   Electrode Preparation prevents poor Weld Performance
Tube International 2001
The significance of electrode selection and the use of specialised tip grinding equipment.

22   Mechanical Welding Backing Methods for Overcoming Weld Skill Limitations
The Fabricator 2000
Critical examination of products designed to provide gas protection of joints

23   Gas Purging for Pipe Welding
Welding & Metal fabrication 1989
Examination of specialised gas purging techniques available to the welder

24   A guide to tungsten electrode geometry and preparation
Practical Welding Today 1998
The importance of electrode shape and point geometry

25   The use of Water Soluble Film for Pipe Purging
Stainless Steel Focus
Examination of soluble membranes to ensure effective inert gas protection of welds

26   Major Advances in Weld Purge Technology
World Pipelines 2014
Latest developments in weld purging

27   Weld Purging for Tubes and Pipes
Stainless Steel World 2014
Comparison of weld purge techniques

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