A safe alternative Tungsten Electrode to the market place

MultiStrikes Tungsten ElectrodesA safe alternative Tungsten Electrode to the market place

A leading welder training institute, ITCA, has congratulated HFT® for bringing a safe alternative Tungsten Electrode to the market place.

Coshh, the Law that requires Companies to identify materials that can be harmful to health, has provided guidelines about thoriated (red tipped) tungsten electrodes, which doesn't make very cheerful reading, according to Colin Sherrifs, one of the members of ITCA.

Colin goes on to say "I have never seen any health warnings on Tungsten Electrode packaging and I think they should be taken off the shelves altogether".

He finishes by saying "Well done HFT® for producing a safe alternative".

HFT® identified the Hazards associated with thoriated tungstens in the 1970?s when the UK Health and Safety Directive first pointed out the risks associated with them, so we set out to produce a tungsten electrode that would be free of the radio toxic thoria.

01W-MultiStrikesTungstenElectrodesUsing research that was carried out many years previously, we were able to produce a tungsten electrode that gave 10 times more arc strikes than thoriated tungstens under the same conditions and was able to perform well at low, medium and high current levels on DC welding as well as being able to work well with AC welders for Aluminium etc.

We called that electrode Techweld® MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes which has since become a registered product recognized by the European Commission who issued us with their certification.

Any readers who would like to try MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes, please Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo., telling us which size of tungsten electrode that you use, and we'll send a sample packet.