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HFT Demo Room01Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® has been assigned ‘Preferred Performer’ status by GE Power, Portugal, on behalf of Alstom Power Group.

Our company supplies a number of products to Alstom in several countries around the World and one of our products is written into a procedure for a repair that is carried out frequently during Power Station outages.

Great work.

GE Power, Portugal, on behalf of Alstom Power Group.

poster distributeurI just wanted to let you know we got your new posters and we thought they were fantastic.

We put it up on our wall right away and our sales staff are trying to get our distributers to do the same thing.

Great work.

David Fawcett, IT Admin and Marketing - Smenco Australia

trainingJust a quick word to say that Sue has been and is consistently amazing to me and facilitate my work considerably.
She is proactive, always here for answers and think forward all the time. Her and I have come to organise our little ordering process that works spot on each time.

I had to share with you all the pleasure it is to work with someone like Sue.

Clémence RETEL, Gérante France Inertage® - HFT® France

PurgEye300 Weld Purge MonitorHuntingdon Fusion Techniques - Purchase recommendations:

a) PurgEye 300 Freeflow Monitor
b) PurgEye 100 Hand Held Monitor
c) 2", 4" and 6" Trailing Shields

The purge we had the Huntingdon Fusion PurgEye 300 Freeflow took care of purging and the shields took care of deposited metal. 

Fieldres - GRB College of Welding -

Pipestoppers Plugs StoppersSuperior Welding & Fabrication, LLC

We are excited to announce that Superior is working with @huntingdon_fusion in setting up our shops weld purging needs! We have their Orbital Pipe Plugs, PurgeElite, Quick Purge III, Trailing Shields, MultiStrike Tungsten and their Purge chamber with their Weld Purge Monitors. In the coming weeks we will show the set up, use and reviews of each product. If you are in the market for weld purge tools I highly recommended you look into.

Jonathan Lewis,  Owner, Superior Welding & Fabrication, LLC

06W MultiStrikesTungstenElectrodesI must commend the ‘Influence of Shielding Gases on the Quality of Welds’ to our group of members and anybody else who would like to read it.

Extremely important Ron, you know you’re number one of the best in the business!!!!!!!

Valerie Easterbrook, TIG Welder, Aerospace Industry, San Diego, California

The Welding InsituteA Special Lecture at the TWI - The Welding Institute by Georgia Gascoyne

I went along to this and it was well presented and very interesting

Mik Lynch, Welding Superintendent,Wilton Engineering, United Kingdom

40 Years Group HFT signAs The Chairman and founder of Orbital Fabrications Ltd it is fair to say that my company would not be here today if it had not been for the support of Ron and Dawn Sewell of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd. Ron and Dawn were prepared to take a keen and enthusiastic welder, but with little business experience, under their wing and to give him the assistance he needed to make a go of it on his own. They allowed me to use part of their premises as my workshop and they were happy to share their vast list of contacts to help me win new business and without this support it is quite possible that Orbital Fabrications would not have got off the ground. This indicates to me the level of support Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd are prepared to offer their clients.

Now, 28 years on, Orbital Fabrications Ltd is a successful company in its own right and is delighted to see that Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd is celebrating its 40th year of trading. We know Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd to be a thoroughly professional company and is fully deserved of the success it has seen.

From all at Orbital Fabrications Ltd we congratulate Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd for a fantastic 40 years and we wish you all the very best for the next 40 years.

Ian C Pearson, Chairman, Orbital Fabrications Ltd

04W Qwik Freeze Pipe FreezingJust a quick word to say that Sue has been and is consistently amazing to me and facilitate my work considerably.

She is proactive, always here for answers and think forward all the time.

Her and I have come to organise our little ordering process that works spot on each time. I had to share with you all the pleasure it is to work with someone like Sue.

Clémence RETEL, Gérante France Inertage® - HFT® France

13W FlexibleWeldingEnclosuresThanks for communicating such an invaluable offer to give our work and HFT great exposure. I will definitely keep this in mind in the near future when approaching jobs that would highlight you product and specific positive applications. I have some ideas and I will document when those jobs come through our shop. I do enjoy reading the posts you have authored and glean insight in other fields.

You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is well respected and I can not help to draw a connection that you have been doing this since I was born! ( March 4, 1974

Bruce Baillie S, Aerospace Welder at Heli-One & Sole Proprietor/ welding specialist at Aerowave Welding Service

09W PipestoppersSteelPlugsFirst, would like to say that I have never seen a more creative and intelligent use of the Linkedin site than that which you initiated and continue to grow.  I am very impressed with both, the value to Huntingdon and the educational value for any of those who choose to take advantage of the opportunity. 

I have a small company in Canada which I am growing as quickly as I am able...but slowly, if that makes sense.  I was most interested in the information regarding oxygen measurement in stainless weld purging. 

A few years back I was working here in Canada for an English group (Vee Bee Filtration).  I believe that before the company was passed on to the son, the father was running a respectable company (Vicker & Bradley or something similar)  I was the lead welder here and we worked primarily in 357 or 316 cast stainless. There were a number of purging challenges and frustrations,  some of which I hope to share with the group in the future, but I was never directed to monitor the O2 and it never appeared on any of the drawings. 

The finished products were destined for off-shore drilling platforms and the like, and I never received any complaints or negative feed-back,  but now I am concerned that some of the welds I passed may have been problematic.  Could you send me some information on the subject , or direct me to a source where I may learn more about this.  Thank-you for all your efforts.  For those of us who have chosen to adopt a life long learning philosophy, you are an excellent resource.

Fraser Rock ROCKWELD

03W WeldBackingTapeCongratulations to you Dear Mr Ron Sewell and your vibrant team members.

Your crisp and continuous communication keeps us always well informed on the products available and also the new products.

We shall circulate this news item to our existing and potential customers

C C Girotra, Weldwell Speciality Pvt Ltd and Nivek Agencies, Mumbai

01W QuickPurgePipeWeldPurgeSystemCongratulations to Ron, Georgia and all the team at HFT on 40 successful years. We have been the Exclusive Distributors in the USA for almost 20 years now and their constant attention to service, quality and progress has never changed. Whether for a large diameter Purging System or a custom built Flexible Welding Enclosure, the HFT team has always proven they understand the needs of the customer. From the technical aspects to prompt delivery, HFT just gets it. Here’s to 40 more years of industry service!

Cletus O'Brien, CEO, COB Industries Inc

02W WeldBackingTapeI am recently retired after a long career with Spirax Sarco Ltd (who are world leaders in Steam Control Equipment) and during that time a large part of my job was involved in developing products manufactured using miniature welding techniques. This was greatly aided by expertise and equipment supplied by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques. Their knowledge of precision TIG welding of Stainless Steel components, and of the best requirements for gas purging, were invaluable in assisting many detail developments and improvements. Above all, the resultant product quality and reliability helped greatly to support me and ensure Spirax Sarco's continued success in the market place. My Congratulations to HFT on reaching their 40th Anniversary.

Robin Beesely, Customer

06W PipestoppersSteelPlugsI'd like to wish all at HFT a happy 40th anniversary and congratulate Ron and his team for providing innovatively designed and professionally manufactured products, which have assisted me greatly to overcome many challenges faced during my welding career. The technical support HFT also provide is also second to none in my opinion. Support is not only on offer to customers, but also a wealth of helpful technical information is readily available on their web site for anyone to access. I have consulted their web site many times recently for information to assist in training my students. Keep up the good work and wishing you all the very best for the future!

Colin Sherriffs, Business Associate

57W PurgEye100 IP65 WeldPurgeMonitorI have known Ron now for the whole 40 years and I’d like to wish HFT well for the 40th anniversary. The company has established so many customers worldwide, which is such a wonderful achievement.

Malcolm Hopkinson, Business Associate

21W FlexibleWeldingEnclosuresCongratulations to you dear Mr Ron Sewell and your vibrant team members. Your crisp and continuous communication keeps us always well informed on the products available and also the new products. We shall circulate this news item to our existing and potential customers.

C C Girotra. Weldwell Speciality Pvt Ltd and Nivek Agencies. Mumbai

07W PurgEye100 IP65 WeldPurgeMonitorDuring fit up, before tacking you must purge. Using metering equipment is not a code requirement. Only fine practice. You could use Huntingdon Fusion Techniques equipment, they are the best. More on their website, lots of data, information and technical reports with pictures. To my best knowledge they are surely the best and Ron Sewell answers emails.

Oren Schneider. Welding Engineer, LESICO Ltd.

15W WeldTrailingShieldsAlthough the article is more than 15 years old, I must commend "Influence of Shielding Gases on the Quality of Welds"

"Extremely important Ron... You know you're 1 of the best in the Business!!!!!"

Valerie Easterbrook, TIG Welder, Aerospace Industry, San Diego, USA

03stainless-weld-discoloration-comp Hi Ron, I have often thought of writing you, but after receiving the heat tint charts I felt compelled to finally jot you a quick note. (Thank-you for the heat tint charts and information...nothing short of essential information.) I just wanted to mention how impressed I have been by your commitment to, and the content of, your emails. When you first started I thought, "Good idea, great for marketing, public relations and excellent for information presentation and idea exchange. But, it will take a lot of work to pull it off with this kind of frequency." I simply wanted to tell you, that with the passing of time, it has become obvious that you not only "pull it off" but you do so in a professional and consistent manner. I am impressed by and grateful for your dedication and contribution.

Fraser Rock Rockweld, Custom Metal Fabrication and Professional Welding Service

Weld Trailing Shields"Thank you for the Technical Article: The Influence of Shielding Gases on the Quality of Welds.

Now I have the theoretical explanation of some of the welding issues I see in my daily work."

Knud Anker Jepsen. Welding Engineer, B.Sc / IWS, Production Support Alfaval

HFTPurged-Weld"After reading the White Paper ‘Help with Pristine Weld Purging of Tubes’ from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, Andrew wrote to all 792 members of his Pipe TIG Welding Group telling them that he could vouch for HFT products, having purchased many of their outstanding products over the years!"

Andrew Watts - a Food and Beverages Process Pipe Fabrication Professional who has worked for Companies such as Unilever and Coors

PurgEliteWeldPurgeSystems"I would like to endorse the use of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques equipment. If you are not using this equipment for all of your purging needs you are using second best."

Shane Dobson, Energy Australia

08W-WeldBackingTape"Ron has recently offered myself and my colleagues information regarding welding techniques and purging of pipework. His knowledge and expertise was second to none. He is really easy to deal with and he never let us down when we have a problem. A top man."

Mick Lottlefair

Case PurgEye100-IP65-WeldPurgeMonitor"Thanks for sharing this article, it is a good simplified guide to what has always seemed complex material. Thanks for the insight." 

Matt Parsons CEng MIMechE - Managing Director at Piping Engineering Solutions

Purge Gate Inflatable Weld Purge Systems"This information is very valuable important for me to enhance my understanding about welding, especially on exclusive materials. Thank you Mr. Ron Sewell."

Saut Marulitua, Jakarta, Indonesia

PurgEye600 WeldPurgeMonitor"Thank you Ron, I wanted to let you know I have used your products for welding high purity stainless duct work, and the product worked very well. 
It was very easy to use and set up, and I would recommend that system to anyone with the means of purchasing it."

Ryan Meeks, Intel Corportion, Quality Manager

3 PurgEye200 Weld Purge Monitor"Thank you Gemma,

Its nice to be able to say thank you for excellent service." 

Paal Roald Bjelland, Purchaser, PM Norway AS

PurgEye500-WeldPurgeMonitor"I spoke with an expert! My sincere congratulations, thank you Ron."

Eberson Pedro, Welder: Mausa SA

PurgEye1000Remote WeldPurgeMonitor"A professional video, clearly expressing your company's goal and background. Congratulations Ron, and wish you all the best."

Madjid Sarvghad Moghaddam, Queeensland University of Tecnology

QuickPurge Pipe Weld Purge System"I used your products on the “Legacy” project at Sellafield.

I have in excess of 35 years in the industry as a welder supervisor and inspector and have used and encouraged the use of your products."

George Griffiths, British Nuclear Fuels Limited

PurgElite Weld Purge Systems"Thanks Ron, I hope I get more time to post! I have used your product for 25 years and know they work!"

David Helliwell (TWI), Welding Quality Control Specialist, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, Oil and Energy

PurgEye300 Nano Weld Purge Monitor"As an engineering manager I take a sort of overview in a lot of subjects, but if my memory serves me correctly, isn't Huntington Fusion one of the leading lights in the subject of purging techniques, monitors etc?

I do not think I could add anything to that level of expertise. But thanks keeping me updated."

David Blakemore, Engineering Manager at Newton Brunel

1 Pipestoppers Nylon Plugs"Thanks again for the pipe stoppers. I look forward to receiving them and to get the pipe sealed.

I can't express my gratitude enough for your assistance and, in all my 70+ years, this process has been one of the very few occasions where a genuinely decent person such as yourself has gone the extra mile to help a complete stranger (me) who is in desperate need of help. You have restored my faith in human nature and I wish you well in all your future endeavours.
Please accept my most profound regards.

Brian Fletcher, US Army