Welding of Alloys and Stainless Steels

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For welding of alloys and stainless steel tubes and pipes, Argweld® Purge Plugs™ are available as single units or as kits for typical applications, such as Orbital Welding.

When you have to fill complicated pipework systems with inert gas, the Argweld® Purge Plugs™ are a perfect low vapour pressure speciality product to seal all holes and orifices for quality internal purging.

Can also be used for small or odd diameter pipes where purge systems or dam systems may not be available or practical.

The Argweld® Purging Plugs™ are made from engineering quality nylon up to 152 mm (6") diameter and will not seize up, rust or corrode.

A friction reducing acetal copolymer thrust washer inserted between the top plate and wing nut provides easy expansion and release.

Standard seals made from natural rubber and the Argweld® Purging Plugs™ are easily dismantled for cleaning.


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