Technical Data and Specification

Argweld Flexible Welding Enclosures Titanium Bicycles Additive Manufacturing

Each Argweld® Flexible Welding Enclosures® contains an argon entry port and an exhaust valve to vent displaced gas to atmosphere. Two pairs of sleeves and gloves are fitted to each enclosure and the glove ports are fitted with drawstrings to prevent the gloves and sleeves from blowing out and helping to reduce the risk of damage by passing objects or people.

The vertical sides of the enclosure are made from translucent plastic, while the top is constructed from an optically clear plastic to provide total visibility.

The plastic used for Argweld® Flexible Welding Enclosures® is resistant against ultraviolet hardening and damage.

A standard entry zip is provided together with a service panel having feed-throughs for a welding torch, earth cable, electrical wires for manipulators, etc. and water cooling pipes should they be needed.

An additional feed-through is provided for a welding torch on the opposite side of the service panel, so that both left handed and right handed welders can work without having a long weld torch cable doubled up in front of them.

Each enclosure is provided with a repair kit to allow on site repairs in the event of accidental damage.

A standard posting port with purge gas hose entry port and vent is fitted to each model to allow small objects to be transferred into the enclosure without disturbing the quality of the purge environment. The standard port comprises a 600 mm long sleeve of 230 mm width when flat.

Standard size range as follows:

  • 900 mm (36") Circular diameter Enclosures
  • 1200 mm (48") Circular diameter Enclosures
  • 1500 mm (60") Circular diameter Enclosures
  • 1800 mm (72") Circular diameter Enclosures

Standard zip lengths are as follows:

  • Zip 1430 mm long on the 900 mm diameter Enclosures
  • Zip 1900 mm long on the 1200 mm diameter Enclosures
  • Zip 2390 mm long on the 1500 mm diameter Enclosures
  • Zip 2900 mm long on the 1800 mm diameter Enclosures

Only parts which can go through these openings can be put into the standard Argweld® Flexible Welding Enclosures®.

Rectangular Enclosures:

  • Large Posting Ports (ante chambers)
  • Lengths of 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm
  • 3 sets of glove ports with sleeves and gloves

These and other specials available on request.

Additional Options:

  • Extra pairs of glove ports
  • Special lock for the purging port to maintain purge argon in the chamber
  • Other sizes and shapes are available as non-standard items on special request


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