Easy Impenetrable Weld Purge Barrier!

The Argweld® Weld Purge Film® and Argweld® Super Weld Purge Adhesive® material makes dams which produce an impenetrable purge barrier but which can easily be washed away when hydrostatically testing the pipe or just by normal wash out.

Water Soluble Weld Purge Film Dissolvo Purging Paper Cones

Weld purging paper products and purge paper cones leave behind paper fibres which are not good for clean weld purging.

Use Weld Purge Film® which does not contain water, like paper and sponge products do, ensuring the dissolvable purge dam leaves no fibres to harm the weld.

Water soluble weld purge film® is biodegradable, can be used as a purge gas barrier during TIG welding and is effective when a tandem pipe purging bladder is not practical.

For the manufacture of pipe purging dams, Argweld® Water Soluble Weld Purge Film® and Argweld® Super Weld Purge Adhesive® is an easy and cost effective solution. 



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