Technical Data and Specification

Weld Purge Film Soluble Purge Paper

Each roll of Argweld® Water Soluble Weld Purge Film® is 20 metres (24 yards) long and one metre (39 inches) wide, giving 20 square metres (215 square feet).

The width of the material is folded in half and wound on a cardboard spool.

When cut, it will provide two dams for diameters under 500 mm, at the same time, thus saving cutting time.

Argweld® Water Soluble Weld Purge Film® can be used up to 300ºC without the material burning and losing the weld purge.

Supplied with:

20 m2 (215 square feet) Argweld® Water Soluble Weld Purge Film®
Two bottles of Argweld® Water Soluble Super Adhesive®
Safety Knife
User Instruction Manual

A Video Point Presentation is available to show how to make the dams, to carry them easily to the pipe, simply insert and fix them with the adhesive provided.


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