Key Features

Sizes from 6 to 88 inches (152 to 2,235 mm)


Some advantages and key features of the Argweld® HotPurge® Heat Resistant Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems.

Flexible for use in pipes, bends, elbows etc.

Excellent seal against pipe walls.

Suitable for 24 hour cycles including pre-heat, welding and post-weld heat treatment.

RootGlo®, a highly luminescent Centre Alignment Band for easy positioning and easy view through weld root. RootGlo® absorbs enough energy during daylight hours to provide up to 12 hours of luminiscence inside the pipe.

IntaCal®, a streamlined, neat, clean and controlled method of releasing purge gas into the weld root space.

PurgeGate®, a unique and revolutionary method to provide infinite flow control and to prevent the inflatable dams from bursting, all to provide the user with super high speed welding of joints that have to be purged.

Manufactured to Nuclear Quality Standards with nuclear approved materials, these systems guarantee bright, shiny, coke and oxide-free welds.

Accepted and in use by most major power operators around the World.

Designed and manufactured by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® specifically for the power industry where high strength chrome alloy steels are used.


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