For Easy, Fast Purging of Heat-Treated Pipework

HotPurge Pre-Heated Pipework Inflatable Weld Purge Dams Purging Bladder Systems

The Argweld® HotPurge® Heat Resistant Pipe Weld Purging Systems are for use where temperatures might rise to 300ºC (572ºF) and last up to 24 hours.

Available for all pipe diameters from 6 to 88" (152 to 2,235 mm).

These high quality Pipe Weld Purging Systems are ideal for the welding of pre-heat and post-weld heat treated chrome steels such as P11, P22, P91, P92 CMV etc.

Argweld® HotPurge® Heat Resistant Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems come with an innovative central band for easy positioning inside the pipe. This RootGlo® band will gather light prior to placing into the pipe and will glow for many hours of use.

The welder can position these systems prior to pre-heating and leave them in place throughout the pre-heating, welding and post-heat treatment cycles, allowing the weld to be purged continuously for up to 24 hours.

HFT® is the innovator, developer and original manufacturer of these unique systems and using our scientific knowledge and background, allows us to constantly update our products. HotPurge® now come complete with RootGlo®, a Centre Alignment Band, IntaCal®, a unique purge gas release system and PurgeGate®, a revolutionary device by HFT® to prevent the systems from bursting.


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