Keep a distant 'Eye' on your Weld Purge... up to 1 km away!

The World's 'first and only' remote (long Distance) Weld Purge Monitor®, measuring accurately down to 10 ppm. With an internal electro-mechanical pump, battery or mains power driven and now with PurgeNet™.

PurgEye 1000 Remote Weld Purge Monitor Oxygen Analyser Gas Analyzer

PurgEye® 1000 Remote Sensing Head can be fitted onto a mechanical or inflatable purging system, directly at the weld location and will measure oxygen level in the purge gas and transmit the information electronically to the monitor up to 1 km away. With this capability, operators can obtain an instantaneous and correct weld purge reading no matter how far they are from the weld and be certain that the joint will not be adversely affected by oxidation.

Our Weld Purge Monitors® have been specifically designed for excellent weld purging conditions creating the best oxide-free zero color welds. Oxygen monitors for welding purposes, including gas analysers (gas analyzers), oxygen instruments or oxygen indicators are not sufficient to provide good clean welds.

PurgEye® a 'Family' Series of Weld Purge Monitors® invented by HFT® in the 1970’s. Registered Trademarks in USA and Europe.


Technical Comparison of all Weld Purge Monitors®

Use this chart to find which model suits your requirements and to make an informed choice.



Return on Investment (ROI)

All Argweld® Pipe Weld Purging Systems and all PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® provide instant Return on Investment.



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