Monitor your Critical Welds from Desk-Mounted Model

The Argweld® PurgEye® 500 Desk with PurgeNet™ is a very much upgraded version of the former PurgEye® 500. Now with PurgeNet™, this model is ideal for use with Welding Chambers and Enclosures as well as Orbital Welding Machines and other Automatic Welding Systems.

This attractively priced Oxygen Analyser includes a unique, fast response, long life sensor with little maintenance requirement. The instrument comes complete with an integral pump to deliver regular flow of exhausting weld purge gas to the sensor to ensure consistent measurements and readings.

PurgeLog™ Software is included for computer interfacing, data acquisition, storage and printing of results and graphs for Quality Management Control purposes.

Argweld PurgEye 500 Weld Purge Monitor Protective Storage Case

Our Weld Purge Monitors® have been specifically designed for excellent weld purging conditions creating the best oxide-free zero color welds. Oxygen monitors for welding purposes, including gas analysers (gas analyzers), oxygen instruments or oxygen indicators are not sufficient to provide good clean welds.

Technical Comparison of all Weld Purge Monitors®

Use this chart to find which model suits your requirements and to make an informed choice.



Return on Investment (ROI)

All Argweld® Pipe Weld Purging Systems and all PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® provide instant Return on Investment.



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