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Purgeye 100  weld Purge Monitor reviewI am a huge fan of the Huntingdon products and have talked others over the years into using them. The purge meters are second to none. I own and use regularly my PurgEye 100 and my PurgEye 300. In fact I think somewhere I still have my original Argweld® MKV monitor which sadly no longer powers up.

I am a very rare breed because as well as having 3 degrees and a complete academic understanding of metallurgy, but more importantly welding science, I also have over 20 years hands on experience of welding on drill floors, firing lines and vessel shops. I quite literally have a passion for old fashioned welding!

Excellent product guys!

Davina Urquhart
City College AND Senior Welding Engineer at TransWeld Services Ltd

Purgeye 100 reviewThe project was the CF Fertilisers Ammonia 4 2016 TAR.

Part of this project was the removal and refit of 16 Inconel 800 Reformer cones these being 6” in diameter and 1” thick.  We used your PurgEye system including the flow gates and heat resistant socks in addition we also used you purgeye flowmeters.

We had to use these as we had restricted access due to a bafle plate assembly on the internal of the cones so your system was spot on for our requirements.

We put it up on our wall right away and our sales staff are trying to get our distributers to do the same thing.

Paul Hartshorn
The CF site is based in Billingham Teesside.

I believe the PurgEye to be one of the best if not the best residual oxygen detector instruments on the market with its digital residual oxygen level LED display readouts measuring as low as 0.01 % and its large user friendly veiwing screen making it easier for me to read. I also believe the PurgEye to have a great accuracy of residual oxygen with speedy measurement's being displayed with in seconds. The PurgEye is a far cry from the old school home made "use a cigarette lighter" to check purge gas flow system.

Construction and Maintenance
Piping Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia

I like the PurgEye and I do not even work for HFT. In fact I like all their Purging gear.

David Helliwell

I can personally vouch for purge monitors. When working with medium to large diameter exotic pipework. I can personally vouch for purge monitors. When working with medium to large diameter exotic pipework, they can prevent you from having a very bad day! I've only ever used the older model and it was a godsend - Anyone, from the welder who has had to carry out weld repairs due to root weld oxidisation (or coking) on such materials, to the directors facing an expensive bill for re-work and possible tarnished company reputation, to the client with their project now running behind schedule - know exactly what I mean. Purge monitors are a necessity.

Colin Sherriffs
Welding and Fabrication Instructor/Assessor at ITCA Ltd

We are still using your purge monitors twice a week on our five automatic tackles dome welding machines for calibration purposes. I have to say that they are highly reliable and robust. If we need more or replacements we know where to go.

Nurcan Sipahi

I have used the model PurgEye 100, and it is valid, very valid, it is valid Titanium too.

Juan Martin Romero Perez

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