Key Features

Smart Features for your Weld Purge Monitor® 

Argweld PurgEye Weld Purge Monitor HFT Smart Lead Cable Oxygen Analysers

PurgeNet™ Smart Cable give welders full control of their welding accessories like no other, allowing any of our 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm) Weld Purge Monitors®.

The PurgeNet™ Smart Lead allows accessories to be connected.

These include:

  • Charging and Power to your Weld Purge Monitor®

  • An external audible and visual warning devices

  • PurgeLog™ Data Logging Software Quality Control

PurgeNet™ Smart Lead with Machine Interface is simply connected to the Weld Purge Monitor®.  

Our 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm) Weld Purge Monitors the PurgEye® 200, PurgEye® Desk, PurgEye® 600, PurgEye® 1000 and PurgEye® 1500 Site all now shipped 'as standard' with PurgeNet™ Smart Cable.


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