Technical Data and Specification

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Can be fitted with single red light (stop) or green (go) and red light combination.

PNA-02 PurgeAlarm™ Visual Alarm Indicator

Options (Factory Fitted)

PNA-02d-901 Green Indicator

A green indicator (go) can be fitted above the standard red indicator (pictured). The green indicator will illuminate only if the alarm is active and is reading a value lower than the alarm threshold set by the user.

PNA-02d-902 Sounder

A 85dB sounder (2900Hz) is available as an option to provide an audible alarm or instead of the additional red light.

PNA-02d-903 Bracket

Wall mounting bracket.

PNA-02d-904 Extension

One of more 75mm extension piece(s) can be inserted between the base and the red indicator to increase the height of the indicator and improve visibility.

Options (user settings)


Each indicator light and the sounder module include a user settable mode switch to select blinking/pulse or constant operation.



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