Frequently Asked Questions

Argweld PurgEye 1000 Remote Weld Purge Monitor Oxygen Analyzer Welding Gas Analyser Handy Rechargeable Battery Operated

1.0 What is the PurgeNet™ Machine Interface?
PurgeNet™ Machine interface is used for communicating the current oxygen readings from your PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitor® to another piece of equipment, such as a Welding Power Source.

2.0 Which Weld Purge Monitors® are compatible with the PurgeNet™ Machine Interface?
The PurgeNet™ Machine Interface is compatible with the PurgEye® 200, 500 Desk, 600, 1000 Remote and 1500 Site.

3.0 How does the PurgeNet™ Machine Interface connect?
Essentially, the PurgeNet™ Machine Interface is a lead that connects to the port on the Weld Purge Monitor®. Charging can also be facilitated from this lead as can the use of other PurgeNet™ accessories.

4.0 How are oxygen readings communicated?
A minimum PPM level is set on the Weld Purge Monitor® by the user, in accordance with the welding parameter, and if during the weld, the oxygen content in the purge gas falls to this, the welding power source automatically switches off, pausing the welding process until the PPM level has risen again. Oxygen readings are communicated through industry standard 4020A current loop and relay signals.


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