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Customs Tariff


European Customs Tariff: 9026 1089
International Customs Tariff: 9026 80 6000
United States Customs Tariff:               9026 80 6000
Canada Customs Tariff: 9026 80 6000



Product Codes and Sizes


Shipping Dimensions To Follow Shortly - mm
Nett weight 0.2 kg
Volumetric weight with case        0.3 kg


The Argweld® PurgeNet™ Weld Machine Interface Lead for the Family range of PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® (10 ppm - excluding Nano) are held in stock and available for immediate delivery. 






PurgeNetWeld Machine Interface (for PPM Readings to Welding Power Sources, such as Orbital Welder)

PurgeAlarmVisual Alarm Indicator, red light only

PurgeAlarmVisual Alarm Indicator, green light (fitted on top of red light)

Bracket for PurgeAlarm

PurgeLog™ Data Logging Software for Quality Control

PurgeNet™ Smart Cable with multi-plug options, charging, alarms, software

PurgeAlarm™ (NOTE: for use with PurgeNet™)


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