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Versatile Stoppers for Multiple Applications

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Inflatable PetroChem® Pipe Stoppers are made from a high-grade latex, rubber internal inflatable bag and covered with a petrochemical resistant layer which has a tough, woven polyurethane impregnated nylon cover. The Stoppers are inflated through a valve at the end of the inflation hose using a standard foot pump or compressor.

Standard Petrochemical Resistant Stoppers are available in Spherical and Cylindrical formats.

  • Spherical versions are ideal for insertion through a small hole to seal a large diameter orifice.
  • Cylindrical bags resist and tendency to twist radically in use.

The recommended maximum temperature for this standard range is 80oC (176oF).

These versatile Stoppers are used to service a wide variety of industrial applications such as:

  • All petrochemical operations where hydrocarbons are present in liquid and gas form.
  • Debris stopping during machining operations where pipes have had hydrocarbon liquids or solids inside.
  • Leak testing of pipework systems where pipes have had hydrocarbon liquids or solids inside.
  • Low-pressure hydrostatic tests where pipes have had hydrocarbon liquid or solids inside.
  • On-site thermoforming of bends in ducting and conduit materials.
  • Fibre-optic construction projects.
  • Debris and animal barriers for overnight protection of pipelines where pipes have had hydrocarbon liquids or solids inside.
  • Plumbing operations.

Pipe stopper Heat Resistant Covers Inflatable StoppersHeat Resistant Covers

For high temperatures and immersion in chemicals, HFT® manufactures a range of PetroChem® Inflatable Stoppers.

The PetroChem® Stoppers are identical to the Standard Inflatable Stoppers, however they are manufactured with an internal flexible rubber that is resistant to petrochemical fluids and vapours.

Heat Resistant Covers are available for PetroChem® Stoppers, which have a temperature range up to 300ºC (572ºF). They are manufactured from a robust material, to ensure the PetroChem® Stopper is not damaged when exposed to high temperatures.

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