The Major Advantages of Accu-Freeze™

HFT Pipestoppers Accu Freeze Pipe Freezing Systems Plugs StoppersThe Accu-Freeze™ temporary plug isolates the section of pipe or tube, allowing repairs or modifications to be made without shutting off or draining the entire system.  

The major advantages of an Accu-Freeze™ System are:

  • Saves valuable time normally lost draining and refilling a system.
  • Avoids complete shutdown of systems and equipment.
  • Prevents waste of large amounts of water.
  • Eliminates handling of contaminated water.
  • Is safe and cost effective.
  • Can be controlled from a remote location.
  • LN2 delivery system is notably colder than other refrigerants. 
  • Standard products to suit pipe and tube sizes up to 12" (300 mm).
  • Capability of automatically controlling the freeze temperature.
  • Has a LN2 delivery, which is more cost effective than other refrigeration systems. 


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