Single Ended for Closing Welds!

Argweld® Inflatable Weld Pipe Purging Dams are a low-cost alternative to plastic foam or cardboard dams that are still very frequently hand made at great expense by welders on site.

Inflatable Dams are manufactured from advanced low outgassing rate materials and are ideal for applications where Argweld® Tandem Pipe Purging Systems or the older style Purge Bladder Systems are less suitable. 

These simple to use, easy to insert Argweld® Inflatable Weld Purge Dams can be purchased for any diameter within their manufacturing range and can be used in connection with other styles or sizes of dams elsewhere within the piping system.

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Inflatable Weld Purging Systems have been specifically designed for tubes, pipes and pipelines to achieve oxide free, porosity free, clean, safe welds.

Old fashioned pipe purge bladders and tandem purging gas bags usually burst. Therefore our systems are specifically engineered with anti-burst features to avoid any risk of bursting. Our Pipe Purge Systems can be used time and time again.



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