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Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® April 2017 Newsletter
We are the leading Innovators, Designers and Manufacturers of Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems.
Our Pipestoppers® Division is the leading supplier of a wide range of Mechanical and Inflatable Pipe Plugs and Stoppers.
HFT® also created and developed MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes.

This monthly Newsletter is created to keep you up to date with all of our latest product developments, ensuring you achieve those sought after, oxide free, zero colour welds in the fastest time possible. 
Weld of the Month
This month's Weld of the Month goes to Travis Field (@fieldres on Instagram) for his titanium pipe welded using our Argweld® Trailing Shield®. Thank you Travis for all your latest videos and photos. 
To have your Weld featured in our Newsletter, simply use #WeldOfTheMonth and tag us in your photo. Visit our Instagram for more information(@huntingdon_fusion) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your photo to us. Even if your photo isn't used in our Newsletter, we will try and repost them on our Instagram page. 
HFT® Events:

Welding Purging Seminar and Demonstrations
The Welding Department, Swansea College
Thank you for your interest in the Weld Purging Seminar. The date has been changed and is still to be decided. We will contact all those people who have expressed interest as soon as a date has been scheduled. 

International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, Belgrade, Serbia
In conjunction with Perfecta Welding
15 – 19 May
Stall number: 1602
HFT® will be exhibiting at the Technology Exhibition from 15th -19th May. We will be demonstrating our Pipe Freezing Products, along with our Weld Purge Monitors and Pipe Purging Products. 

Other Events within the Industry:

2 - 4 May, Monterry, Mexico

9 - 12 May, Melbourne, Australia

For Weld
9 -12 May, Prague

17 - 20 May, Bologna, Italy

Metaltech Malaysia
24 - 27 May, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Schweissen und Schneiden
25 - 29 September, Dusseldorf, Germany

Fabtech 2017
6 - 9 November, Chicago, IL, USA

Adipec 2017
13 – 16 November, Abu Dhabi

Distributor Showcase - Pipeq Pipework Equipment 
For Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg
Pipeq Pipework Equipment has been successfully distributing HFT® products in the Benelux since 2013. In a central warehouse, Pipeq keeps a large stock of PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors®, PurgElite® Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems and other HFT® products for 24 hour delivery in Belgium and the Netherlands.

“With a clear focus and expertise on weld purging and pipe preparation, we offer the best advice and service to our many re-sellers” says Rob van der Heijden, Managing Director of Pipeq Pipework Equipment. He underlines the support of the HFT® team that enables Pipeq Pipework Equipment to offer unique custom made solutions such as Large Inflatable Dams and Trailing Shields.
Contact Pipeq by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their website
Weld Purging Comparison Photos
Do you have any Weld Purging Comparison photos?
Pictured to the left are two pipes, the left pipe was welded using our Weld Trailing Shield®, the right pipe was welded without any Weld Purging Equipment.

We are currently looking for welders who regularly use our products to take some photos with and without the use of Weld Purging.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 
Flexible Welding Enclosures® for the WAAM Process (Wire plus Arc, Additive Manufacturing)
HFT® has received their third order from a Chinese institute for a large specially designed low cost Flexible Welding Enclosure®.

As with all of the others, this Enclosure will be used for research and development with the WAAM process (Wire plus Arc, Additive Manufacturing), ideal for manufacturing large precision Aerospace parts.
Find out more
Why use an Inflatable Weld Purging System?
When welding metals, such as stainless, duplex, chrome steels, zirconium titanium and nickel alloys, it is vital that the oxygen surrounding the welding zone is replaced with an inert gas such as argon.
When welds are made in the presence of oxygen, they are oxidised, which can lead to loss of corrosion resistance at best and metallurgical defects at worst. Welding with an inert gas eliminates those problems, leaving bright, shiny, zero colour welds.
Read more on our Blog Page
What is PurgeNet™?
You might have read recently that all of our updated Weld Purge Monitors® now feature PurgeNet™.
The following Monitors now include PurgeNet™:
PurgEye® 200, 300 Plus, 500 Desk, 1000 Remote, 1500 Site. 
What is PurgeNet?
  • PurgeNet™ controls the welding power sources such as orbital welders and any other automatic welding systems to switch on and off according to oxygen levels. 
  • PurgeNet™ can be used with PurgeLog™ software to transfer weld purge data for quality control of welds.
  • PurgeNet™ connects to other smart accessories for weld purging, including the Traffic Light System (pictured), which gives a visual warning during welding in case of rising of falling oxygen levels. PurgeNet™ is in fact a network that allows connection with a range of other accessories to be announced in the future.
High Quality Argon Feed Hose
HFT® now manufactures tailor made Argon Gas Feed Hose assemblies with leak tight fittings to attach immediately to their Argweld® range of Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems at one end and to the gas source at the other.

These special, high quality Argon Gas Feed Hoses, which can also be used for transporting nitrogen come complete with end fittings, providing welders with a guaranteed leak tight method of feeding non contaminated argon gas to their weld zone.
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