Weld Purging Best Practices June 2016


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Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® June 2016 Newsletter
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Important Dates for your Calendar
Farnborough Air Show, UK
11 – 17 July 2016

ADIPEC, Abu Dhabi
7 – 10 November 2016

Stainless Steel Americas, Houston
9 – 10 November 2016

Fab-Tec, Las Vegas
16 – 18 November 2016

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Stoppers in all Shapes and Sizes
Our Pipestoppers® come in all different shapes and sizes. Pictured is a 64" Inflatable Pancake Stopper, they are manufactured from 6 - 96".
Each Stopper is fitted as standard with a Schrader Valve for inflation and deflation. Inflation can be carried out easily by connecting a hand or foot pump or compressor and deflation by depressing the pin inside the Valve.
Whatever your application, Pipestoppers® has a solution.
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YouTube now in FIVE Languages
Have you managed to have a look at our YouTube Channel? It's currently being overhauled to include new product presentations.

Not only that, we are translating each presentation into Spanish, French, German and Italian to ensure you are kept up to date with all our latest product innovations, regardless of where you are in the World..
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Freeze it and make your Pipe Repair Easy!
Accu-Freeze™, the controlled liquid nitrogen (LN2) pipe freezing system is a method to freeze stationary liquids in a selected section of a pipe or tubing for repair or maintenance work.
By controlling the surface temperature of the pipe, Accu-Freeze™ can safely and accurately form an in-line ice plug, capable of withstanding 138 bar (2000 Psi) in pipes up to 12" (300 mm diameter).
More information on Accu-Freeze™
Titanium Racecar Welded in our Flexible Welding Enclosure®
In his workshop in Santa Rosa, California, retired CEO Bob Lee is recreating a famous Can-Am racecar that was destroyed in 1973. This car was the first Monocoque road racecar to make extensive use of titanium.

With over 40 years of experience of welding titanium, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have become very involved in this project, providing equipment and technical assistance where required.

The Ti22 titanium suspension, bulkheads and subframe will be welded inside HFT’s 60” Flexible Welding Enclosure® providing a very fast purging time down to a few parts per million of oxygen ensuring oxide free zero coloured titanium welds are achieved.
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Nylon Weld Purge Plugs™
The Pipestoppers® Division at HFT® manufactures a range of white Nylon Weld Purge Plugs™ that are clean and suitable for weld purging of tubes and pipes up to 6” diameter.
Other applications include leak testing of pipework systems, whether commercial, domestic or industrial and sealing holes in castings, tanks and other assemblies.
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