Inert Gas Weld Purging of Large Tanks

Gas Weld PurgingProtection of the inside surface of welds during the fabrication of large tanks is necessary to prevent oxidation. At best this oxidation is unsightly but at worst can lead to loss of corrosion resistance and reduction in mechanical strength.

Probably the best method to protect the welded area is to use an inert gas such as argon to displace air in the weld region. Commercial systems are available to pro- vide cover during the welding of pipes, but little attention seems to have been considered for large vessels.

Simply filling the vessel with argon would clearly be time-consuming and expensive because of the large volume necessary; the health risks involved in releasing such an amount of asphyxiant gas into the atmosphere when the welding process has been completed also need to be considered.

The use of inflatable dam pairs to iso- late a circumferential weld or a manhole entry joint, or single dams to fill much of the space that leave only a minimum volume close to the weld region for protection with argon, is becoming much more common. 

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Highlights from 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®Another really brilliant and fantastic year for 2014  

Some of the highlights to share with you.

Research, design and production of the PurgEye 200, hand held, battery operated, 10ppm monitor.

WATCH our latest video on YouTube or click on the video below......, an exciting new advanced product.

    • Manufactured the largest QuickPurge® to date for the LPG Barrow Island project
    • Launched the latest model of QuickPurge® Mark 3 including the innovatives designs on IntaCal®.
    • Trained personnel on-site in use of our Argweld® HotPurge™ Systems at Alsthom Power Station near Tel Aviv, Israel.
    • Participation in the Technishow, Holland and OSEA-Asia, Singapore.
    • Attended and invited as a Guest Speaker at the Duplex Seminar in Italy.
    • Signed new contracts with Exclusive Distributors all over the World.
    • Held several Distributor Training Courses throughout the year.

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50th Anniversary Gala Dinner - OSEA-Asia 2014

2014-Leeden-Gala-Dinner-3Another huge successful Show at The 20th International Oil and Gas Industry Exhibition in Singapore last week 2-5 December 2014.  

Our close partners, Leeden Limited, celebrated their 50th Anniversary at the same time, which made the Show even more thrilling.  

We were honoured to be invited to Leeden's 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner held at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. A long way to go for a Dinner, but having experienced the wonderful arrangements made by Leeden, it was well worth it!

After pre-dinner drinks listening to a classical pianist and having official photos taken, we were led into the magnificent banqueting hall, the largest in Singapore.

5 Drummers then burst through the main door banging their instruments loudly to get our attention. They went up onto the stage and drummed whilst being showered with water from above making a superb visual and audio spectacle.

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The 20th International Oil and Gas Industry Exhibition - OSEA-Asia 2014

singapuremarinaThe next International Oil and Gas Exhibition takes place in Singapore this year on the 2 to 5 December 2014 (Tuesday to Friday) at the Marina Bay Sands Conference Centre.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® will be in attendance with our close Partners Leeden Limited.

Leeden are also celebrating 50 years of business at the same time and shall be holding a rather special Gala Dinner on the evening before the show and HFT® are delighted to have been invited.

Come and see us on Stand Number 1S3-01 which is centrally located at the Exhibition.

We look forward to seeing you there....!

Dates: Tuesday to Friday 2 to 5 December 2014

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Stand/Booth Number: 1S3-01

Show Officials Website

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Technical Presentation at the World Stainless Steel Duplex Seminar

Duplex-Stresa-SS-Conference-Georgia-WEBOur visit to World Duplex Duplex Stainless Steel Show in Stresa, Italy was well received.

At the end of September, our CEO, Georgia Gascoyne, visited the World Duplex Seminar in Stresa, Italy.

The main purpose was to present a Technical Paper by experts of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® on the subject of Weld Purging of Duplex Steels.

Reading was accompanied by a Power Point Presentation in the form of a slide show highlighting the main points of the Technical Paper.

Final questions at the end about purge gas mixtures for Duplex Welding created a lively discussion.

Visitors and delegates to the Conference were far reaching with some large organisations participating and in attendance.

Well done Georgia for undertaking and completing this visit with great success.  

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Low Cost Pipe Weld Purging System (for Purging Hot Sections)

04W-HotPurgePreHeatedPipeworkPurgeSystemsWhen welding pipes and tubes that need to go through high temperature thermal cycles before, during and after welding, it is usually important to purge the insides with an inert gas, to prevent oxidation and scaling and to ensure a good internal weld profile.

In many cases, there is very little room to manoeuvre weld purging systems, so that they are protected from the high temperatures associated with the pre- and post-weld heating processes and the operators have to purchase the more sophisticated heat protected systems such as the HFT® HotPurge® models.

However, in some cases, there can be sufficient length in the tube or pipe structure, that a normal Weld Purging System can be used.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® has been able to use its development team to manufacture a variety of different Weld Purging Systems for such tubes and pipes, where the the inflatable dams can be kept outside of the heated areas.

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A safe alternative Tungsten Electrode to the market place

MultiStrikes Tungsten ElectrodesA safe alternative Tungsten Electrode to the market place

A leading welder training institute, ITCA, has congratulated HFT® for bringing a safe alternative Tungsten Electrode to the market place.

Coshh, the Law that requires Companies to identify materials that can be harmful to health, has provided guidelines about thoriated (red tipped) tungsten electrodes, which doesn't make very cheerful reading, according to Colin Sherrifs, one of the members of ITCA.

Colin goes on to say "I have never seen any health warnings on Tungsten Electrode packaging and I think they should be taken off the shelves altogether".

He finishes by saying "Well done HFT® for producing a safe alternative".

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Weld Purge Systems instead of Foam Dams

QuickPurge Pipe Weld Purge SystemReasons for using quality designed and manufactured Pipe Weld Purge Systems instead of Foam Dams

A very interesting quotation from one of our Weld Purging Best Practices Group members has been posted.

This raises additional reasons for not using foam.

Colin's comments are:

"Some pipe welding companies I've worked for buy in sheets of thick foam and the dams then have to be hand made (sometimes badly)."

"The rubber seal type always give a better seal and are more durable to heat." "Burning foam dams release fumes that are not healthy for a high purity weld or the welder. "

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Weld Purging Copper Nickel (Cunifer) Pipework

09W WeldTrailingShieldsTo Understand Weld Purging & to Obtain Clean Weld Roots

The use of Copper Nickel is still widespread in marine applications, where the corrosion resistant properties of this alloy are valuable.

Copper Nickel pipework on submarines, other military vessels, oil production platforms and other ships need many welded joints.

One of the key applications is in water sprinkler systems where the weld quality is as critical as it might be in any marine application.

Correct weld purging is a key factor in welding Copper Nickel pipework.

Back purge gas type tends to be optional subject to experience.

See further information under 'Tip' 2. 

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CEO of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT® wins Award.

Georgia GascoyneAs reported earlier, HFT®, together with Forgeweld Limited recently joined in a welding seminar at Doosan Babcock, under the auspices of the TWI Midlands Branch, to make a technical presentation about "Weld Purging".

The presentation was received very well because of the large number of interested parties in this subject, based in the Midlands area.

After many TWI Branch presentations carried out by HFT® personnel, this is the first time such an award has been given.

Thank you Kevin of Forgeweld, as well as the TWI midlands branch for putting on such a great event and thank you Doosan Babcock for being great hosts.

HFT Sponsored Burry Port Rugby Club wins Swalec Championship Title

burryport champions01Today Burry Port RFC lifted the SWALEC Welsh Championship Division 6 West trophy (Saturday 26th April 2014) after beating Myndd Y Garreg by 26 points.

Having sealed their title triumph with a 43-17 home win over Myndd y Garreg RFC, Burry Port carried off the SWALEC Championship Trophy after winning all but one of the league games that they've played this season.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT has been proud to have been associated with Burry Port RFC for some years so to see our sponsered club having this year's success is really gratifying.

We could not be more pleased for the club. 

After a rather turbulent season last year, the team was determined to have a more successful 2014 and following the appointment of new coach Gareth Gravell, who joined Burry Port from Neath RFC, the squad has gone from strength to strength.

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Weld Purge Monitors® are an Essential Tool for the Process Industry

PurgEye 200® Weld Purge Monitors® RechargeablePurgEye200 Weld Purge Monitor

Weld Purge Monitors® are an essential tool for the process Industry, with various models serving different levels of weld purge requirement.

There are applications that can be satisfied with Monitors measuring down to 100 ppm and..... for the higher specification industries such as Aerospace, Food and Drinks, Semi-conductor, Biofuels etc that need to achieve oxgyen levels down to 10 ppm there are other models.

One such Model has just been developed for the Process Industries and that is the PurgEye® 200 which is now rolling off the production lines partially to meet an order for 30 units from the Far East.

This is a hand held, rechargeable battery driven monitor that will read very accurately down to 10 ppm.

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