Bright, Clean, High Quality Welds with Trailing Shields®

01W-WeldTrailingShieldsWhen welding titanium, stainless steel and other reactive metal pipework and sheet metalwork, it is important to prevent the welds from oxidising or coming into contact with any air during their welding and cooling periods.

The use of products called Trailing Shields®, designed and manufactured by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® ensure the weld stays under a protective argon gas coverage, while the hot weld metal is cooling, preventing it from oxidising on contact with air.

Titanium and stainless steels are chosen for their corrosion resistant properties in particular and if they are then allowed to oxidise during the weld cycle, expensive post welding cleaning techniques become necessary.


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PurgExtra® Tube and Pipe Purging System

01W-MultiExhaustPipeWeldPurgeSystemInert gas purging is essential when welding metal tubes made from titanium, as well as ultra high purity stainless steel joints and just as important when welding those less critical stainless steel and copper nickel pipe joints, in order to achieve non-oxidised, zero colour welds.

PurgExtra® is the latest weld purging product released by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® for the purging of tube and pipe joints from 1 – 24” diameter.

This range compliments the PurgElite® series, but in addition has extra purge gas inlets and corresponding exhaust ports.

The PurgExtra® System allows the operator to purge at recommended rates initially and then when it would be an advantage, to introduce additional purge gas to create the desired results. 

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40 Years in Business Today

40 Years Group HFT signHuntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® is celebrating 40 years in business and today is the official anniversary date. 

Many people are sending us congratulations, have a look at one of those messages below:

As The Chairman and founder of Orbital Fabrications Ltd it is fair to say that my company would not be here today if it had not been for the support of Ron and Dawn Sewell of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®. Ron and Dawn were prepared to take a keen and enthusiastic welder, but with little business experience, under their wing and to give him the assistance he needed to make a go of it on his own.

They allowed me to use part of their premises as my workshop and they were happy to share their vast list of contacts to help me win new business and without this support it is quite possible that Orbital Fabrications would not have got off the ground. This indicates to me the level of support Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® are prepared to offer their clients.

Now, 28 years on, Orbital Fabrications Ltd is a successful company in its own right and is delighted to see that Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® is celebrating its 40th year of trading. We know Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Ltd to be a thoroughly professional company and is fully deserved of the success it has seen.

From all at Orbital Fabrications Ltd we congratulate Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® for a fantastic 40 years and we wish you all the very best for the next 40 years.

Ian C Pearson, Chairman, Orbital Fabrications Limited

Purge your Heat-Treated Pipework Confidently!

03W-HotPurgePreHeatedPipeworkPurgeSystemsChrome steel pipe joints, such as those used in the power industry for high pressure, high strength pipework, need to be pre-heated for welding and also require a post weld heat treatment too.

Weld joints of this nature need to be purged of oxygen and welded in an inert atmosphere, to prevent oxidation that leads to loss of corrosion resistance and undesirable change to the metallurgy.

With the high temperatures and length of time at such temperatures, most weld purging systems are unsuitable. However, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® has now developed the HotPurge™ Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging System for Heat-Treated Chrome Steel Pipe Joints where the temperatures might be as high as 760OC.


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Keep a Distant ‘Eye’ on your Purge

01W-PurgEye1000Remote-WeldPurgeMonitorWhen welding lengths of tubes and pipelines over 20 metres long, one problem operators face is not receiving a fast and true weld purge reading from the purge zone.

Now, for the first time, it is possible to have an immediate reading of the weld purge gas at the underside of the joint, from any distance up to 1,000 metres away.

By using a zirconia sensor in a remote module placed at the purge gas exhaust, really close to the weld, it is possible to instantaneously receive actual oxygen readings down to 10 ppm (0.001%) up to 1,000 metres away.

This technology is part of the PurgEye® 1000, the latest in the Family Range of Weld Purge Monitors® brought to the marketplace over the last few years by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®.


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Freeze Sealing for Pipe Repairs with Qwik-Freezer™

Step-2-Qwik-FreezeFreeze sealing pipes for repair or maintenance is an increasingly popular alternative to ‘hot-tapping’ and eliminates the need to shut down or drain down a system for repairs and maintenance. These systems work by creating ice plugs (or ‘freeze seals’) either upstream of the repair site or on either side of an area where a pipe system needs to be maintained.

Qwik-Freezer™, which covers pipe diameters from 3/8” – 8” (9 – 200 mm), is the industry standard for portable CO2 Pipe Freezing Systems with thousands of kits in use around the world for over 40 years.

Qwik-Freezer™ is very quick and easy to use, requires almost no set-up time and is the only CO2 Pipe Freezing System capable of freezing up to 8” pipe. Even for smaller diameter freezes, Qwik-Freezer™ produces ice plugs that are significantly more reliable and robust, capable of withstanding far more pressure than the smaller plugs that other types of systems will produce.


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Mechanical Pipe Sealing Plugs

01W-PipestoppersAluminiumPlugsAluminium Plugs specifically designed for heavy duty applications are suitable for arduous applications such as immersion in chemicals and exposure to high temperatures.

The Pipestoppers® Division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® manufacture and supply Aluminium Plugs to complement the Pipestoppers® range of Nylon and Steel Mechanical Plugs together with Rubber and Inflatable Stoppers.

Typical applications for Aluminium Plugs are for industrial as well as domestic plumbing operations, water, drainage systems as well as offshore operations. They are negatively buoyant for sub-sea work and can be used in all kinds of pipes and other materials where there are orifices to be sealed or blocked. 

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Family Fun in the Sun

Logo-Family Fun Day

Come along and join in the fun this Bank Holiday Sunday 30th August, where Burry Port Rugby Club are holding their second Family Fun Day of 2015.

It will be a great day for all the family, with plenty activities to keep the whole family entertained. From bouncy castles, water slides to games for the children and adults too.

With a tasty BBQ and live music throughout the day, it’s sure to be lots of fun.

Venue: Burry Port Rugby Club, New Street, Burry Port, SA16 0RT
Time: From 12pm until late.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® are proud to sponsor Burry Port RFC for another season.

For more information, please visit: Burry Port Rugby Club Family Fun

PurgElite® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging System

01W-PurgEliteWeldPurgeSystemsWhen welding tubes and pipes such as stainless, duplex, chrome etc., it is important to purge the internal bore with an inert gas to prevent oxidisation, discolouration and to ensure a good internal weld profile.

After 40 years of innovation, design and manufacturing expertise in the field of tube and pipe purging systems, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® has introduced to the market PurgElite®, a range of low cost Tube and Pipe Purging Systems to achieve a clean, oxide free, zero colour weld.

These systems are manufactured to suit pipe diameters from 1” to 24” (25 – 600 mm) and are made of low outgassing rate materials, which gives them the ability to produce high quality welds in tubing and piping.


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We Have The Key to Your Perfect Weld

10W-PurgEye600-WeldPurgeMonitorFor the first time, a unique Weld Purge Monitor® Gas Detection and Analysing Instrument has been designed and developed that reads from atmospheric level of oxygen down to one part per million (ppm), breaking all technological boundaries in one instrument.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® continues to grow its innovation of Weld Purge Monitors® that were designed and manufactured 40 years ago this September.

The PurgEye® 600 incorporates the features and benefits of all the other Weld Purge Monitor® designs in the HFT® Family Range, but for the first time, this one instrument has a full range of measurement reading from atmospheric concentration (20.94%), down to 1 ppm, accurate to 10 ppm. Readings are indicated either as parts per million or in percentage.

Using ground breaking technology, the PurgEye® 600 has a life time sensor that won’t need replacing or recalibrating. This high level, advanced instrument has been designed with a large, full colour touch screen (3.2”/ 81 mm) and on-screen graph of the oxygen levels during the welding process.

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The use of Weld Purge Film® for Pipe Purging

Soluble Weld Purge FilmWhen tubes and pipes of certain materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, copper nickel and zirconium are welded together it is desirable to purge the oxygen out of the inside of the weld zone to prevent it from reacting with the hot metal and causing oxidation, porosity and corrosion.

Some products available include Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging Systems PurgElite®, QuickPurge® and HotPurge™. These systems require an open end to enable the system to be retrieved after the weld is finished, meaning it is impossible to use one of these tandem system for closing welds. 

To overcome this difficulty Huntingdon Fusion Techniques, HFT® has developed and manufactured Argweld® Weld Purge Film® kits, with water soluble materials that can be used for open assemblies and closing welds.

The Film® produces an impenetrable purge barrier, but which can easily be washed away when hydrostatically testing the pipe or just by normal wash out.


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MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes Offer Safer, Cheaper TIG Welding

01W-MultiStrikesTungstenElectrodesA special recipe for TIG welding electrode material offers significant benefits in quality, cost, safety and ease-of-use, says its British developer.

MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes, developed by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® were designed to address the growing concerns about the radio toxic thoria that is present in standard red tipped tungsten electrodes.

It was found that other rare earth elements that are not radio toxic were also used in the industry for activating tungsten, as in the case of normal light bulbs and that a mixture of those elements added during the manufacturing process produced a superior tungsten electrode.

The MultiStrike® will actually strike an arc 10 times more than a red tipped thoriated tungsten, when tested under identical conditions.


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