Special High Quality, Leak Tight Welding Hose for Argon Feed

argweld hose, welding hose, argon hose, nitrogen hose, purge and weldAdvancing forward in weld purging technology, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® now manufacture tailor made Argon Gas Feed Hose assemblies with leak tight fittings.

Luke Keane, Distributor Support for HFT® said: “It is important when welding stainless steels, titanium, zirconium and other reactive metals, that the welding zone is purged of oxygen, even down to as low as 20 parts per million (ppm). These special, high quality Argon Hoses, provide welders with a guaranteed leak tight method of feeding non-contaminated argon gas into their welding zone.”

The natural rubber feed hose comes complete with an argon regulator, which directly connects to any range of Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems at one end and to the gas source at the other.

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Tight sealing Low Profile Pipestoppers for limited spaces and restricted access

inflatable pipe stoppers, pipe blocking, low profile stopper

Pipe blocking, plugging and sealing for duties such as repair work, leak testing, weld purging and debris stopping is easy with Pipestoppers®. 

The Pipestoppers® Division at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® design and manufacture a Range of Mechanical and Inflatable Pipestoppers® and Plugs to suit a variety of applications.

The Low Profile Stopper is available for applications where insufficient length of pipe is available for the regular Cylindrical or Spherical Inflatable Stopper.

Ron Sewell, Chairman at HFT® said: “The Low Profile Stopper can fit into a pipe end that may be directly on an elbow or just inside a flanged neck on a casting. Other applications include blocking pipe ends to keep gases inside or to keep debris and vermin out.”  

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The virtually non-destructible PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® for on-site conditions

purgeye, gas sniffer, oxygen monitor, weld purging, back purge monitorWelders often face difficulties when working under the conditions experienced on-site. When welding critical joints in such situations, the challenges might come from working at height, exposure to extremes of heat and cold, harmful sand and dust and even hazardous fumes. Therefore using an expensive Weld Purge Monitor® in such conditions may not always be ideal.

With over 40 years of scientific research behind them, Weld Purging Experts Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have designed a virtually non-destructible Weld Purge Monitor® to work accurately within extreme environments. The PurgEye® Site is a guarded oxygen monitor in a secure, safe, waterproof and dustproof, very tough carry case.

Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT® said: “This tough, robust monitor has been specifically designed for on-site conditions. With the housing case open the monitor is IP65 rated and IP68 rated with the lid closed. The PurgEye® Site measures oxygen levels very accurately from 1,000 ppm, right down to 10 ppm. 

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Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® to Exhibit at World Nuclear

world nuclear exhibition, accu-freeze, pipe freezing, valve replacementWeld Purging Experts Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® will be participating at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris from 26 – 28 June on the Welsh Government Pavilion, Stand No: 7-D9.

Georgia Gascoyne, CEO for HFT® said: “Our Weld Purging Technology is designed to achieve oxide free, zero colour welds to nuclear standards. On display at World Nuclear will be our Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems, available in sizes 1” to 88”. These ingenious devices are designed to localise a small volume of pipe section to purge, thus making savings in time inert gas costs and eliminating post weld cleaning and oxide removal costs.”

HFT® will also be showing a selection of their Weld Purge Monitors® that accurately measure the amount of oxygen within the purge gas. Their PurgEye® 100 has become the monitor of choice amongst the international welding fraternity, assisting welders to achieve zero colour welds.

The Weld Purge Monitor® was invented by HFT® in the 1970’s and with over 40 years of innovation, design and manufacturing experience, the company now has a Family of PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® to measure oxygen levels from atmospheric content (20.94%) down to 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm). 

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Lightweight Aluminium Plugs for Heavy-Duty Applications

pipe stoppers, pipe plugging, debris stopping, blocking pipes, aluminium plugsThere are many applications where pipes carrying chemical fluids (alkaline or acidic) or that are exposed to high temperatures need to be plugged or sealed.

The Pipestoppers® Division at Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® manufacture a Range of heavy-duty Aluminium Plugs to allow for arduous duties such as exposure to high temperatures and immersion in chemicals, in sizes 1.5 to 36” (38 - 900 mm).

Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT® said: “Often, in refineries, offshore operations, plumbing operations and domestic and industrial water activities, heavy-duty plugs are required to block pipes where the plug is likely to be immersed in chemicals or exposed to high temperatures. Our Range of Aluminium Plugs can be used for leak testing, isolation, sealing, stopping and weld purging of pipes in harsh environments.”

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Cut Costs, Not Corners with QuickPurge®

weld purging, back purging, purging with argon, stainless steel welding, critical weldsWelders are always looking for time and cost savings when pipes need to be purged of oxygen before, during and after welding (weld purged). Weld purging large diameter pipework fabrications and pipelines not only carries a large price tag when it comes to time, it can also cost a lot in inert gas.

Weld purging specialists and developers Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® manufacture QuickPurge® Tube, Pipe and Pipeline Weld Purging Systems. QuickPurge® Systems are designed to be inflated inside of the pipe, drastically restricting the volume that needs to be purged, so much so that the Systems pay for themselves in just one or two welds.

A Customer in the USA said: "What an enormous saving in waiting time for our welders. Normally we wait several hours for our 30" stainless steel pipe joints to be purged and now we can start welding in under 10 minutes." 

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Achieve High Quality Welds with a Close Eye on your Weld Purge

weld purging, back purging, purging with argon, stainless steel welding, critical weldsWelding high quality joints in stainless, duplex and chrome steels as well as titanium, nickel alloys and zirconium may require oxygen levels to be as low as 10 ppm.

To measure oxygen accurately at such low levels for quality welding, the comprehensively updated PurgEye® 300 Plus is an ideal choice.

This model now includes the revolutionary PurgeNet™ facility, allowing connection of accessories such as an automatic welding machine interface and a long distance visual alarm system. In additional this gas analyzer indicates actual oxygen levels down to 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm) on a large alphanumeric OLED display, perfect for achieving oxide-free, zero colour welds repeatedly.

The PurgEye® 300 Plus is menu driven by four push buttons on the front and has an internal audible alarm so acceptable and unacceptable oxygen levels can be pre-set. A well-shielded, long-life oxygen sensor, inside the monitor, means there is very little maintenance requirement.

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Versatile, Lightweight Nylon Plugs for Weld Purging

orbital welding, weld purge plugs, weld purging, back purging, purge and weldRound hole blocking just became easy with Pipestoppers® Nylon Plugs, designed for hundreds of applications where holes need to be blocked.

The Pipestoppers® Division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® manufacture a range of low cost, lightweight Nylon Plugs for a variety of applications where the hole sizes are 0.5 to 6” (12 to 150 mm) diameter.

Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT® said: “Tube, pipe and tank welders can benefit from using these low cost Nylon Plugs. Manufactured with a hollow shaft, these plugs can be used for weld purging and blocking smaller diameter pipes and miscellaneous stubs.”

“A number of ready-made Kits are available, containing plugs ideally suited for the most popular size of pipes, all of which are available for immediate delivery.” 

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Improve Weld Quality with a low cost Trailing Shield®

weld trailing shields, inert gas coverage, back purging, weld purging The quality of welds on tubes, pipes and flat sheet metal can be dramatically improved with the addition of a low cost Weld Trailing Shield®.

Experts in Weld Purging, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have designed and developed flat and radiused Trailing Shields® which simply attach onto any TIG/GTAW, PAW/Plasma and MIG/GMAW welding torch, providing an additional inert gas coverage during the seam welding of stainless steel, duplexes, titanium and any other reactive metal where discolouration or oxidation needs to be eliminated.

Luke Keane, Technical Support for HFT® said: “These lightweight, easy to use Trailing Shields® pay for themselves in just one weld! They are perfect for manual welders, as well as automatic machines by helping to cover the weld with an inert gas coverage during and after welding, producing bright, shiny, oxide free welds time and time again and eliminating the expensive post weld cleaning process.”

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Versatile Inflatable Stoppers for Pipe Plugging and Stopping

pipe stopping, pipe plugging, debris stopping, pipestoppers, huntingdon fusion It is often necessary to quickly and easily stop the flow of gas or liquid in pipes, which is where low cost Cylindrical and Spherical Inflatable Stoppers are extremely attractive.

Designed and manufactured by the Pipestoppers® Division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® Inflatable Stoppers can also help prevent the ingress of debris as well as other unwanted materials and animals.

Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT® said: “Common applications for the Cylindrical and Spherical Range of Inflatable Stoppers include debris stopping, leak testing, plumbing operations and weld purging.”

Cylindrical Inflatable Stoppers will not ‘turn over’ inside a pipe when under pressure, because they are longer than their diameter. Spherical Stoppers are used where the position of the stoppers is not important, so can be placed at any angle to make a seal.”

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Improve Weld Quality with Precision Ground Tungsten Electrodes

tungsten cutter, bench mounted grinder, tungsten preparation, highest quality welding, dedicated tungsten electrode grinderImprove weld quality with precision ground Tungsten Electrodes using non-radiotoxic MultiStrikes® and The TEG-1000 Tungsten Electrode Grinder.

Back by popular demand, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have re-initiated the manufacturing of the famous TEG-2 Tungsten Electrode Grinder, under the new name of TEG-1000.

Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT® said: “Ensuring your Tungsten Electrodes are sharpened correctly can help to improve weld quality. Tungsten Electrode Grinders are a convenient, safer and more accurate way than other methods of grinding Tungsten Electrodes.”

“Grinding thoriated Tungsten Electrodes with open air belt and disc grinding tools for example can be extra hazardous not only for safety, but also for personal health. To overcome these conditions, whilst maintaining a very high life expectancy for the Tungsten Electrode we manufacture blue-tipped MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes that contain non-radioactive rare earth elements, eliminating the risk to health posed by red tipped radiotoxic thoriated Tungsten Electrodes.” 

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Read your Weld Purge from up to 1 km away with the PurgEye® 1000

purgeye, gas sniffer, oxygen monitor, weld purging, back purge monitorIt is not always practical when welding long tube lines or pipeline sections to measure the oxygen content in the purge gas close to the weld. Many welders face the challenge of the purge gas in the welding zone being contaminated when taking readings from a distance, leading to the risk of a failed weld that needs to be cut out and remade.

To overcome this problem, the PurgEye® 1000 is now available from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® that will display the oxygen level in the welding zone on a Weld Purge Monitor® screen that might be 10, 50 or even 1,000 metres away from the weld.

The PurgEye® 1000 comprises a sensing head that can be fitted onto any pipe weld purging system that transmits the oxygen level at the weld location electronically to a monitor, up to 1 km away.

Ron Sewell, Chairman for HFT® said: “The PurgEye® 1000’s sensing head can be fitted onto any Mechanical or Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging System from 1” (25 mm) diameter upwards. Therefore the oxygen level can be measured directly at the weld location. With this capability, the operator can be certain that the weld purge reading is correct and that the joint will not be adversely affected by oxidation.”

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