Launch of new Tube and Pipe Weld Purge Systems

QuickPurge Pipe Weld Purge SystemThe PurgEye® having been manufacturing Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems since 1975 Huntingdon Fusion Techniques® (HFT®) has evolved the science of Weld Purging to new levels.

Along with other recently announced scientific developments in its Weld Purge Monitor® series, the Company has now reached the Fifth version of its Tube and Pipe Weld Purge System designs by launching the new PurgElite® range of Tube and Pipe Weld Purging systems for diameters from 1" to 24" diameter inclusive. 


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PurgEye® 300 Nano MKII

1. PurgEye300 Nano WeldPurgeMonitorThe PurgEye® 300 Nano Weld Purge Monitor® which was launched for the first time in 2012, has been updated to now read right down to 1 part per million (ppm) using a new style Zirconia sensor.

In spite of this stunning update, this attractively priced instrument remains at the same lowest cost anywhere for any other instruments measuring Oxygen levels down to 1 ppm.

Designed specifically for Personnel in welding and quality departments, who are responding to the latest quality control standards for lower oxygen levels, this new PurgEye® 300 Weld Purge Monitor® is suitable for weld purging of all Stainless, Duplex and Super Duplex steels as well as Titanium, Zirconium and Nickel alloys.

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New Appointment

Office Georgia Gascoyne Feb2013

Georgia Gascoyne becomes Commercial Director

As of 1 February 2013, Georgia joins on the Board of Directors.

Georgia has a history of more than 13 years with Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) and was employed by HFT during the mid 80's/90's.

Georgia is delighted to return to the Company, in the capacity of Commercial Director, bringing with her a wealth of experience to complement the current Board.  

Specialising in purchasing, commercial negotiations and Worldwide procurement strategies, as well as customer services with general commercial and marketing high profile skills, Georgia is once again an asset to HFT.

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CryoGas International publishes HFT Success

Arm and QuickPurgePipe Weld Purge SystemCryoGas International publishes HFT Success

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT), in combination with their US Partners COB Industries Inc, were in attendance at this years's FABTECH Show and drew a lot of attention to their booth with the company's new Argweld® Quick Purge® II Pipe Purging System.

The system has an innovative low profile purge valve to avoid scratching polished metal surfaces that can cause loss of corrosion resistance.

HFT's new PurgElite® series of Tube and Pipe Purging Systems are also fitted with the low profile valve.

The response of the company's Argweld® PurgEye®, part of Huntingdon's Family Series of Weld Purge Monitors®, proved that the market wants the ability to choose the proper Weld Purge Monitor® for each job measuring in parts per million, not simply in percentage. 

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Software for PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors®

Case and PurgEye600 WeldPurgeMonitor

PurgeLog™ Data Logging Software

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) is pleased to announce that as from 1 January 2013, all PurgEye® 300, 500 and 600 Weld Purge Monitors® will automatically include the PurgeLog™ Data Logging Software.

The data connection cable will also be supplied free of charge.

Due to the success of sales, HFT has increased production levels which has been a considerable factor in their decision to include PurgeLog™ as an automatic feature on all their high end Weld Purge Monitors® within the PurgEye® Family Range.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) listen to our customers and their needs and are constantly striving to improve their products, their service and commitment to the market place. As innovators, designers and manufacturers, HFT cherish their 'Stainless Reputation'.

The PurgEye® 300 Nano Weld Purge Monitor®

Solo PurgEye300 Nano Weld Purge MonitorPurgEye® 300 Nano Weld Purge Monitor®

Launched today, The PurgEye® 300 Nano Weld Purge Monitor® is a sensibly priced instrument for measuring Oxygen levels down to 10 ppm (Parts Per Million).

Designed specifically for welding and quality personnel who are responding to the latest quality control standards for lower oxygen levels, this new Weld Purge Monitor® is suitable for weld purging of all Stainless, Duplex and Super Duplex steels as well as Titanium, Zirconium and Nickel alloys.

In addition to its use for the weld purging of tube and pipe joints, either with manual or orbital welding techniques, the PurgEye® 300 Nano can also be attached to welding chambers, boxes and enclosures to ensure that the internal atmosphere is reduced to 10 ppm of Oxygen or less.

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Return on Investment

Argweld® Pipe Purging Systems and Argweld® PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitor® Offer Tremendous 'RETURN ON INVESTMENT' (ROI)

Argweld® PurgEye® and Weld Purge Monitors® together with PurgElite® and Quick Purge® Inflatable Pipe Purging Products usually pay for themselves in the first one or two days.

These great products offer thousands of Dollars in savings over the course of a job.

Return on InvestmentHave a look at these great savings!

Reduced purge time means reduced man-hours (labour costs / overhead)

Example: Welding 10" SS pipe

Normal time required to purge 10" pipe is usually 45 minutes or more per weld.....

Purge Time with Quick Purge® is about 3 minutes...

Quick Purge® systems would conservatively save 30 minutes of labor PER WELD

If the job involves (20) 10" joints (welds) the Weld Purge [email protected] products would save 10 man-hours

Also if the job involves 100 welds there would be a saving of 50 man hours.

Savings are exponential with larger pipe sizes

Using Argweld® PurgEye® Weld Purge Montior® equipment on pipe sizes of 18" and up frequently saves up to 2 hours per weld, so for every 100 welds on larger-bore pipe.... the labor costs alone can be reduced by 200 man hours!

Reduced Risk of Failed Welds and Re-work Reduced Gas Consumption
On top of the massive savings in labor.... keep in mind that Argweld® PurgEye® and Weld Purge Montior® systems also dramatically reduces gas comsumption by up to 50%.

The use of Weld Purge Monitors® all but eliminates the risk of welds that might fail inspection due to oxidation / sugaring / penetration issues from having too much 02 in the weld area. The need to grind out welds and start over can be extremely costly..... Weld Purge Monitors® eliminate the guesswork and improve quality control.

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