Accurate 10 ppm Weld Purge Monitor®

purgeye 600, weld purge monitor, weld purging, back purge, oxygen analyzerReactive alloys such as zirconium and titanium present challenges to welding engineers. Many industries today are using these materials for their durability and high corrosion resistance properties, but are faced with having to avoid expensive waste and rework.

An effective Weld Purge Monitor® present, in conjunction with weld purging equipment, when making joints will ensure engineers have an accurate oxygen reading before, during and after the welding cycle.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®, who have long been acknowledged as International Leader and Manufacturer in Weld Purging Technology, have a unique, all singing and dancing Weld Purge Monitor®, the PurgEye® 600, which reads from atmospheric level of oxygen (20.94%), down to one part per million (0.0001%).

The PurgEye® 600 has recently been updated to feature the revolutionary PurgeNet™, which controls the welding power sources such as orbital welders and any other automatic welding system to switch on an off according to set oxygen levels.

This state of the art PurgEye® 600 incorporates all of the features and benefits of all the other Weld Purge Monitors® in the HFT® Family Range, but for the first time, this one instrument has a full range of measurement reading from atmospheric concentration (20.94%), down to 1 ppm, accurate to 10 ppm, meaning no other monitoring equipment is necessary with the PurgEye® 600.

The stylish desktop PurgEye® 600 has a colour touch screen with graphics model, which allows the user to pre-set upper and lower ppm levels of their choice to trigger alarms. Using ground breaking technology, the PurgEye® 600 has a long life sensor and has been designed with a large, full colour touch screen (3.2"/ 81 mm) and on-screen graph displaying the oxygen levels during the welding process.

USB data logging capability allows the operator the ease of data transfer without the need for a computer connection. These stable, accurate results can be logged for each weld, using the PurgeLog™ Software.

The PurgEye® 600 Weld Purge Monitor® is ideal for all industries where oxide free, zero colour welds have to be achieved and where traceability is a major advantage for the requirements of high-end Quality Control systems.

Made in Wales ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ and Welsh Business Awards – Exporter of the Year.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have a Worldwide Exclusive Distributor Network.

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purgeye 600, weld purge monitor, weld purging, back purge, oxygen analyzer  purgeye 600, weld purge monitor, weld purging, back purge, oxygen analyzer



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