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TEG-1000. tungsten electrode grinder, multistrike, red tipped tungstens

To produce optimum arc stability, improve arc starting and subsequently weld quality, a dedicated Tungsten Electrode Grinder should be used for sharpening all Tungsten Electrodes during TIG welding.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® state-of-the-art TEG-1000 Tungsten Electrode Grinder will ensure the grinding of each Tungsten Electrode results in clean and smooth finishes, with no splintering and eliminating arc jumping. The reliability of the equipment means that tip consistency is guaranteed and this is especially important with automated welding operations.

Luke Keane, Technical Sales Manager for HFT® said: “Issues often occur when Tungsten Electrodes are ground incorrectly and when it comes to TIG welding, Tungsten Electrodes are the most important part of the application.

“Unstable arcs are most likely down to the sharpening of the Tungsten Electrode. An incorrectly ground Tungsten Electrode tip may drop into the weld pool and create a tungsten inclusion that could lead to a weld cut-out or reject, either way, leading to additional welding costs and lost time. It can also result in a huge reduction in tip life and changes in arc voltage.”

Manufactured with a diamond wheel, the TEG-1000 Grinder will give repeatable Tungsten Electrode points every time, enabling consistent arc performance and welding results. Sizes 1.0 to 3.2 mm can be ground as standard, with other sizes catered for on request.

The design of the TEG-1000 is such, that the diamond wheel grinds the Tungsten Electrodes longitudinally, preventing arc flicker or wander caused by circumferential lines or ridges found on electrodes, which have been ground incorrectly.

Sharpening Tungsten Electrodes also involves the release of harmful particles into the atmosphere. To help combat this, HFT® manufacture MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes that are designed to address the growing concerns about the radio-toxic thoria that is present in standard red tipped Tungsten Electrodes. MultiStrike® Tungsten Electrodes are non-radiotoxic, non-thoriated, non-carcinogenic. They will also strike 10 times more arcs than red tipped thoriated tungsten, when tested under identical conditions. Eliminate the thoriated dust in the atmosphere by changing to MultiStrike® Tungstens so that when there is tungsten grinding dust, it is not radiotoxic.

Made in Wales ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ and Welsh Business Awards – Exporter of the Year.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® have a Worldwide Exclusive Distributor Network.

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TEG3, TEG1000, tungsten grinder, red tipped tungstens, thoriated tungsten electordes  TEG-1000. tungsten electrode grinder, multistrike, red tipped tungstens



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