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21W PurgEye100 IP65 WeldPurgeMonitorWeld Purge Monitors® are an essential instrument to help obtain non-oxidised, zero colour welds by monitoring the oxygen levels when welding metals such as titanium, stainless, duplex and chrome steels as well as zirconium and nickel alloys where a high quality weld is required.

The Weld Purge Monitor® was invented by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® in the 1970’s and with over 40 years of innovation, design and manufacturing experience, the company now has a Family Range of PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® to measure oxygen levels from atmospheric content (20.94%) down to 10 ppm (0.001%) at which point no discolouration in welds should occur.

By striving for zero colour welds, companies can eliminate the post-weld cleaning costs, which can be very high and in those cases making the cost of each weld ultra significant. 

The Argweld® PurgEye® Family Range of Weld Purge Monitors® comprises: 

  • PurgEye-API100-1000-mixed-Advert-PHO-WEBPurgEye® 100 IP65, low cost, dustproof and waterproof hand held unit for reading down to 100 ppm. With innovative push button auto calibration, enlarged screen, low sensor indicator, tripod mount, sleep mode, vacuum sealed leak-tight probe assembly, wrist or neck strap, rubber housing protector and so much more.

  • PurgEye® 200, hand held, rechargeable battery driven Weld Purge Monitor® for reading very accurately down to 10 ppm complete with electromechanical pump. The PurgEye® 200 also has an IP65 rating for its housing that is sealed against the ingress of dust and water.

  • PurgEye® 300 Nano, the worlds first and only super low cost, entry level, mains power driven Weld Purge Monitor® measuring accurately down to 10 ppm.

  • PurgEye® 300, small, lightweight and inexpensive with switching capabilities at high and low oxygen for alarms or welding power supplies. This monitor comes complete with software for recording purging results for evaluation and provision of a quality control document.

  • PurgEye® 500 that uses an internal electro-mechanical pump to draw the gas across the sensor. It also has the switching capabilities and the PurgeLog™ software as per the 300 model above. This equally attractively priced instrument includes a unique, fast response, lifespan sensor with virtually no maintenance required.

  • PurgEye® 600, a computerised, touch screen model measuring very accurately from atmospheric level of oxygen, down to 10 ppm, with high and low oxygen level switching capabilities, data capture via USB using PurgeLog™ software for recording purging results for evaluation and provision of a quality control document. Readings are indicated either as parts per million or in percentage.

  • PurgEye® 1000 monitor has been developed for those instances where the measuring point is more than 20 metres away from the monitor. The slow time for the gas to travel and reach the sensor and the contamination of actual reading that can take place inside the gas tube, leads to serious delays and erratic readings. To improve this, the sensor is placed in a small module attached to a weld purge system and the reading transmitted instantaneously to a hand held display via a data cable.


The PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitor® is ideal for industries such as aerospace, pharmaceutical and food and drink, as well as many others where oxide free, zero colour welds have to be achieved and where traceability is a major advantage for the requirements of high-end Quality Control systems.


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