Sizes from 17 to 48"  

HFT Pipestoppers PlugFast™ Peripheral Sealing Pipe Plugs

Peripheral sealing allows the plates to be closed evenly with ease and even seal in pipes with slight out of roundness or ovality. Special diameters can be produced on request.

The centre stem is 2” (50 mm diameter) and is threaded to accept a 2” BSP screw cap.

Twin port Peripheral Sealing Plugs are normally fitted with a 4” (100 mm) plain bore and supplied complete with a 4” (100 mm) steel drain test plug.

This port is normally offset to the outer edge of the Peripheral Sealing Plug, allowing the water to be easily drained from the pipeline after testing, without having to remove either the main plug or the 4” plug.

Alternative ports are available to order.



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