Frequently Asked Questions

09W PurgeGate Valves Weld Purge Control

1.0 What is the purpose of the PurgeGate® Valve?

PurgeGate® delivers gas at constant pressure of 0.5 bar and a flow of 7.5 litres/min. Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems are at risk of overinflating during the weld purging process due to unwanted or incorrect manipulation of gas pressure and flow setting.

By using PurgeGate® Valves your inflatable purging systems will be safe from bursting due to overpressurisation.

2.0 Does PurgeGate® come as standard on any of the Pipe Purging Products?

PurgeGate® is fitted as standard to our QuickPurge® and HotPurge® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging Systems. PurgeGate® can be purchased as an accessory to other Inflatable Purging Systems, such as PurgElite®.

3.0 Can PurgeGate® be used with other manufactures Purging Products?

The PurgeGate® Valve is designed to fit onto HFT®’s PurgElite® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems. In addition, PurgeGate® does fit onto other versions of Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems manufactured elsewhere.

4.0 What size Weld Purging Systems can PurgeGate be used for?

The Valve System can fit all system sizes (1 to 88”) and can be moved from one model to another model as required. 

5.0 Are PurgeGate® Valves reusable?

Yes! These simple plug and play valves can be used time and time again and easily moved from system to system.

6.0 Which way do I connect my PurgeGate® Valve?

It is important to connect the PurgeGate® in the correct direction with the arrow shown, pointing in the direction of the purge gas flow.

7.0 Where can I purchase a PurgeGate® Valve?

Please contact your nearest HFT Exclusive Distributor if you are interested in purchasing PurgeGate.




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