Standard Lengths from 5 to 30 m with Optional Fittings

Argweld Argon Gas Feed Hose Accessories Weld Purging Pipe Purge Systems

Within the family range of Argweld® Purging Products, Argon Feed Hose Assemblies & Fittings is available from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®.

All our products are made to a high quality and standard and are the best for argon gas use.

A selection of excellent fittings are available to ensure that you don't have problems on site and to ensure that you make leak tight connections. 

Argon Feed Hose Assemblies are provided ready to use with standard fittings in the following sizes:

 5 m Argweld® Argon Gas Feed Hose

10 m Argweld® Argon Gas Feed Hose

15 m Argweld® Argon Gas Feed Hose

20 m Argweld® Argon Gas Feed Hose

25 m Argweld® Argon Gas Feed Hose

30 m Argweld® Argon Gas Feed Hose

These Hose Assemblies are great for use with the Argweld® Family Range of Inflatable Tube, Pipe and Pipeline Weld Purging Systems.

Standard hoses are manufactured with an argon regulator fitting at one end and a 12mm to 12mm connection at the other end. You may state your desired options from the standard range at the time of the order. If you require fittings outside of our standard range, we will do our best to obtain, fit them and advise you accordingly. 

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