Argweld® PurgEye® 1500 Site IP68 Weld Purge Monitor®

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The 'Eye' on your Weld Purge 'On Site'

The PurgEye ® Site Weld Purge Monitor ®, virtually non-destructible, for those 'On Site' conditions. OLED Display, readings indicated as PPM or percentage, IP65 with lid open, IP68 with the lid closed.  Monitor your oxygen levels from 1000 to 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm) easily and safely. Use the PurgEye ® Site, a guarded Weld Purge Monitor® in a secure, safe, waterproof, dustproof, the perfect box for 'On Site' Weld Purging. 

Argweld PurgEye Site Weld Purge Monitor Oxygen Analyser Gas Analyzer

NEW PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® measuring down to 1 ppm (accurately to 10 ppm).

Our Weld Purge Monitors® have been specifically designed for excellent weld purging conditions creating the best oxide-free zero color welds. Oxygen monitors for welding purposes, including gas analysers (gas analyzers), oxygen instruments or oxygen indicators are not sufficient to provide good clean welds.

Weld Purge Monitor® invented by HFT® in the 1970’s. Registered Trademarks in USA and Europe 

Technical Comparison of all Weld Purge Monitors® 

Use this chart to find which model suits your requirements and to make an informed choice.



Return on Investment (ROI)

All Argweld® Pipe Weld Purging Systems and all PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® provide instant Return on Investment.



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Measuring Down to 1 ppm!

Argweld PurgEye Site Weld Purge Monitor Oxygen Analyser Gas Analyzer

The latest addition to the Family Range of PurgEye ® Weld Purge Monitors ® is the PurgEye ® 1-500 Site, portable, robust and specifically designed for site conditions.

 The PurgEye ® Site reads oxygen levels from 1000 ppm, right down to 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm) with a long life sensor and new, ultra sharp OLED screen. 

The PurgEye ® Site is mounted in a conveniently sized outer case, which seals it to IP68 standard when the lid is closed. 

The Family Range of Weld Purge Monitors® have become the standard Weld Purge instruments of today, recognised and used by companies who need to produce quality welds, where an Oxygen Analzyer is not sufficient for weld purging. 

PurgEye ® is a Family Series of Weld Purge Monitors ®.


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The PurgEye® Site, now with PurgeNet™

Argweld PurgEye Site Weld Purge Monitor Oxygen Analyser Gas Analyzer

The PurgEye ® Site is our heavy-duty Weld Purge Monitor, ideal for site conditions.

The PurgEye ® Site main features include:

PurgeNet ™

The PurgEye ® Site now comes complete with PurgeNet™, which controls all Automatic Welding Systems as well as Orbital Welders, causing them to switch on and off for example when oxygen level rises too high or falls to low.

For control of Automatic Welding Equipment by a Weld Purge Monitor®, the relevant cable accessory will be used. At that point, the Monitor will switch off your automatic welding system if by any chance the oxygen level should rise above your pre-set limit, to prevent the risk of weld oxidation. The Monitor will switch the welding system back on, once the excess oxygen has been purged away.

PurgeAlarm ™

The IP66 Rated (Environmental Protected) PurgeAlarm™ displays a red indicator, only if the PurgEye® has warmed up, the alarm enabled and is reading a greater value than the alarm threshold set by the user.

An optional green indicator can be fitted above the standard red indicator and will illuminate only if the alarm is active and reading a value lower than the alarm threshold set but the user. A sounder is available as an option to provide an audible alarm instead of the red light.

PurgeNet™ also works with PurgeLog™ to easily transfer weld purge data for Quality Control purposes.

Large character OLED screen for easy reading

The large OLED screen allows the display to be easily read and is mainly symbol based, rather than text. The OLED display does not need a backlight and can be viewed from greater angles than LED screens.

Internal electro-mechanical pump with 15 l/m flow rate

The internal electro-mechanical sampling pump can be switched on and off as required. An alert icon flashes in the event of insufficient gas flow.

Other key features include:

  • USB lead, including controlling PurgeLog™ software.
  • IP68 rated with the lid closed.
  • IP65 rated with the lid open.
  • Long life, faster response sensor.
  • Internal rechargeable battery or mains power operated.
  • Battery life up to 10 hours, with a low battery icon allowing 20 minutes for re-charge.
  • Warning alarm levels between 1 and 999 ppm.
  • PPM / Percentage display at the touch of a button.
  • Flow detection for accurate reading of gas samples.
  • Blocked filter icon.
  • Outstanding protection against HF interference.
  • Power on / off with standby button for sensor warm up.

Weld Purge Monitor®, invented by HFT ® in 1975, who own all international intellectual property rights and registered trademarks. 


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Technical Data and Specification

Argweld PurgEye Site Weld Purge Monitor Oxygen Analyser Gas Analyzer

The PurgEye ® Site can be used with any tube or pipe weld purging system, any weld purging chamber or Flexible Welding Enclosure ®.


Measuring from 1000 ppm down to 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm).

Accuracy: = + 0.002% (to 10 ppm).


The PurgEye ® Site Weld Purge Monitor is shipped in a new, low, ergonomically designed, robust carrying, presentation and storage case to maintain the instrument in good condition and to keep it together with all accessories.  The carrying case is virtually indestructible.

Case dimensions

Shipping dimensions: 380 x 100 x 300 mm
Net weight: 2.0 kg
Volumetric weight with case: 2.28 kg

Supplied with:

Mains power lead.
Filter with length of green tube.
Calibration and quality control test certificate.User instruction booklet.

Optional items:

PurgeNet™ interface for smart weld purging accessories.
PurgeNet™ automatic welding machine interface.
PurgeNet™ traffic light visual warning accessory. 


Dew Point SensorDew Point Sensor for accurately measuring the dew point.

During purging welders need to measure the oxygen content but also need to measure the ‘dew point’.

The dewpoint is the temperature where condensation begins and water will condense on the material being welded. This can affect the weld properties significantly.

We have recently added a Dew Point Sensor to our range that can be used in conjunction with our range of 10 ppm Weld Purge Monitors®, so rather than purchasing a separate, expensive Dew Point Meter, HFT®’s Dew Point Sensor that can be connected to the Weld Purge Monitor® via the PurgeNet™ lead.

The dew point sensor is designed to fit any of our Weld Purge Monitors® that read down to 1ppm:

- PurgEye® 200

- PurgEye® Desk

- PurgEye® 600

- PurgEye® 1000

- PurgEye® Site

Compare all Weld Purge Monitors® in the PurgEye® Family Range


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See what our Users have to say....

Here are a few written comments from some of our customers to give you an idea of the benefits others have experienced using Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitors. 

Hi Eugene, many thanks for your help this morning – support given over phone both yesterday and today and subsequent replacement machine dispatched yesterday at 10.30am, the replacement purge monitor arrived only minutes ago.12.30

Please pass on my thanks to your colleague that I spoke to yesterday (I forgot to ask her name!)

It’s a great thing to get immediate support from a supplier (HFT) when the clocks ticking. It is exactly this type of reactive support that allows WOOD. to be a ‘’can do company’’, many thanks again.

Best Regards

Cameron B Smith
Welding Engineer


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Frequently Asked Questions

Argweld PurgEye Site Weld Purge Monitor Oxygen Analyser Gas Analyzer

1.0 What is the intended application for the Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor®? 

The PurgEye® Site has been developed for use in extreme conditions such as might be found on a construction site. It is build into a robust, virtually indestructible case.

For extreme weld quality control in aerospace, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, vacuum, biotech, food and drinks industries, petrochemical, oil and gas and all industries where pristine oxide free welds have to be achieved.

Also, applications demanding extremely accurate readings from atmosphere right down to 10 parts per million (ppm), such as welds made in titanium, duplex, nickel alloys and high specification stainless steels.

2.0 Does the Argweld® PurgEye® Site have a pump?

Yes, there is an integral electro-mechanical pump.

3.0 What sort of sensor is used in the Argweld® PurgEye® Site?

The PurgEye® Site uses a solid state long life sensor of a unique design with a faster response time and greater stability of readings than other monitors.

4.0 My Company needs a calibration certificate once a year for all instruments. How do I obtain one? 

At present we have calibration facilities in the UK, USA, Singapore and Norway. As time goes by we are planning to set up others.

Contact us or your nearest distributor for pricing. Once your instrument has been sent, we will recalibrate it and return it with a certificate within a few days.

5.0 Is the Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® sensitive to electrical high frequency disturbances?

Each instrument has shielding to prevent most forms of interference. Quality control test and inspection criteria are designed to account for as many variables as possible.

6.0 I need to detect oxygen level in pipes preheated to 300˚C (572˚F). Can I use the Argweld® PurgEye® Site under these conditions?

The Argweld® PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® should not be exposed to gas at a temperature above 50˚C (122˚F).

Please contact us for information about exhaust purge gas cooling methods.

7.0 How safe is the monitor if I use it in rain or dust storms or if I drop it from a height?

The case when sealed offers IP68 protection and when open it has IP65 protection.

If the case is dropped from a great height it is unlikely that the monitor will suffer any damage.

8.0 Can Weld Purge Monitors® only be used when purging with argon?

The PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® measure the oxygen level within any gas, not only inert gases. They can be used to monitor the oxygen level when using inert gases such as argon and helium and also non-inert gases including nitrogen and nitrogen/hydrogen mixes.

9.0 What is PurgeNet™?

PurgeNet™controls the welding power sources such as orbital welders and any other automatic welding systems to switch on and off according to oxygen levels, transferring data easily with the ability to link to external devices.


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Shipping Information, Weights and Dimensions

Argweld PurgEye Site Weld Purge Monitor Oxygen Analyser Gas Analyzer

Customs Tariff

European Customs Tariff: 9026 1089
International Customs Tariff: 9026 80 6000
United States Customs Tariff: 9026 80 6000
Canada Customs Tariff: 9026 80 6000

Product Codes and Sizes

PurgEye® 1500 Site Weld Purge Monitors® are held in stock and available for immediate delivery.

This model is very suitable on 'on Site' applications with ratings IP68 with lid closed and IP65 with lid open.

Shipping Dimensions 380 x 330 x 100 mm
Nett weight 2.0 kg
Volumetric weight with case 2.28 kg


Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® with PurgeNet™

API0500S PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® Oxygen Analysing Instrument with automatic pump
IP68 with lid closed, waterproof and dustproof, IP65 with lid open
Battery or mains driven
Measuring oxygen from 1000 ppm to 10 ppm

Items Included:

PurgeNet™ adaptor for charging with International multi-plug options
Sample tube set with filter
Integral non-destructable storage and carrying case
Calibration certificate
User instruction booklet
Interface for PurgeLog™ via PurgeNet™ adaptor

Spares and Accessories

Sample tube set with filter
Filters (pack of 10)

Accessories for use with Purgenet™

Welding machine interface
Visual alarm indicator

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Items available as 'Downloads'

Argweld PurgEye Site Weld Purge Monitor Oxygen Analyser Gas Analyzer


Leaflets and general sales material are available to everyone visiting our website.  

Restricted access items are shown at the end of this Download section.


Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® A4 Leaflet

Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® A4 Sales Flyer

Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® FAQ

Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® Poster

Argweld® PurgEye®  All Weld Purge Monitors® Training Poster

PurgeNet™ Machine Interface Flyer

PurgeNet™ Machine Interface A4 Leaflet

PurgeAlarm™ Visual Alarm Indicator Flyer

PurgeAlarm™ Visual Alarm Indicator A4 Leaflet

Compare all Argweld® PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors®

Technical comparison of all Weld Purge Monitors® in the Argweld @ PurgEye® Family Range

Argweld® PurgEye® Weld Purge Monitors® Promotional Poster


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Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® Certificate of Calibration
Argweld® PurgEye® Site Weld Purge Monitor® User List Customer Service
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