International success with weld purging of titanium alloy pipe - CS 417

CS Banner International success with weld purging of titanium alloy pipe

A new facility for the production of 1.25 million tonnes of terepthalic acid (PTA) has been built at the port of Mangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka 1.

The project involved factory fabrication of specialised equipment followed by integration on site. A range of stainless steels were used in manufacture along with titanium and tantalum alloys. The bulk of the fabrication involved welding of tubes and pipes.

A significant part of the project was awarded to a Chennai based customer of Weldwell Speciality Pvt Ltd 2 in Mumbai, a major supplier to the Indian welding industry for over two decades. The customer has a long tradition of specialist fabrication of titanium, tantalum, zirconium and nickel alloys and stainless steels.

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Mechanical Weld Backing Methods - TP 1063

mechanical backing weld tape equipment

Mechanical weld backing methods for overcoming weld skill limitations

For most applications of fusion welded joints, it is unnecessary to go to the trouble and expense of ensuring fully continuous transition of metal between parent materials. The fillet weld and the partial penetration butt weld usually are adequate, employed intelligently, they can meet many structural requirements.


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Innovation in Weld Protection - TP 1060


Innovation in Weld Protection

The last fifty years has witnessed unprecedented development in welding technology. Major advances in metallurgy resulted in the introduction of new alloys capable of meeting the increasing demands for high strength performance.

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Keeping it Clean - TP 1061

TP Banner Keeping it Clean

Keeping it Clean

Argweld® Flexible Weld Purging Enclosures® make it possible to weld stainless steels, titanium and other reactive alloys effectively without oxidation & discolouration.

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Major Advances Weld Purging


Major Advances in Weld Purge Technology

The last few months have seen the launch of several innovative improvements to the range of internationally approved weld purge systems manufactured by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®.

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Weld Purging for Tubes and Pipes

TP Banner Weld Purging for Tubes and Pipes

Purging for Tubes and Pipes for Improving your Technique

High quality welds in pipes and tubes can only be assured if the weld underbead is protected from oxidation. The various techniques available through which protection can be given is referred to as purging.

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Inert Gas Purging with Orbital Welding

inert gas purging with orbital welding

Inert Gas Purging with Orbital Welding - World Pipelines & Global Energy

It is often difficult to meet requirements for quality using manual welding. Orbital welding has become an essential process with many tube and pipe fabrications since modern equipment can be fully automatic and reliable and offers repeatable results.

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Performance of TIG Electrodes

performance of gig welding tungsten electrodes

By P C J Anderson at The Welding Institute - Technical Paper Report Nº 220177193

Performance of TIG Electrodes (incorporating MultiStrike® Tungstens)

The increased use of mechanised and fully automated TIG welding techniques has highlighted the demand for improved performance from the tungsten electrode.

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Purging Methods for Weld Purity

purging methods purity weld

By Dr Michael Fletcher of Delta Consultants 

Design, fabrication, and maintenance practices that can meet exacting purity requirements of ASME 31.3 are crucial to the food, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries.

Demands for improvements in piping fabrication quality have risen exponentially in recent years.

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Optimizing Tungsten Electrode Performance

TP Banner Optimizing Tungsten Electrode Performance

Proper preparation can lead to an increase in electrode life and better welds. Optimizing Tungsten Electrode Performance.

While hand grinding can be tolerated in some circumstances, producing welds for safety-critical applications and where weld properties must meet stringent inspection criteria needs a more controlled approach. Following are some tips for optimizing electrode preparation, which can lead to a significant increase in electrode life.

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Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Electrodes

tungsten arc welding electrodes

The most versatile technique for producing fusion welds to the highest quality standards

When inert gas shielded arc welding was introduced nearly 60 years ago, few would have imagined the impact the process and in particular the non-consumable electrode version, would have on the fabrication industry world-wide.

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High Quality Welds in Oil/Gas Pipelines


World Pipelines Contribution

Joints of high quality between cylindrical sections such as tubes and pipes can only be made by ensuring that: atmospheric gases are eliminated and positive, smooth weld reinforcement is provided.

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