Mechanical Pipe Sealing Plugs

01W-PipestoppersAluminiumPlugsAluminium Plugs specifically designed for heavy duty applications are suitable for arduous applications such as immersion in chemicals and exposure to high temperatures.

The Pipestoppers® Division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® manufacture and supply Aluminium Plugs to complement the Pipestoppers® range of Nylon and Steel Mechanical Plugs together with Rubber and Inflatable Stoppers.

Typical applications for Aluminium Plugs are for industrial as well as domestic plumbing operations, water, drainage systems as well as offshore operations.

They are negatively buoyant for sub-sea work and can be used in all kinds of pipes and other materials where there are orifices to be sealed or blocked. 

The HFT® Pipestoppers® range of Aluminium Plugs are manufactured to suit diameters of 1.5 to 36” (38 to 900 mm). The standard seals are made from natural rubber and special rubber seals are available for applications where greater resistance to chemicals and temperatures is required (silicon, nitrile or viton rings as appropriate).

 All Plugs designed and manufactured by HFT® conform to British Standard BS8005 and BS EN752-4 for low pressure testing and sealing of pipes.

The Plugs are simple to work with and are fitted with a wing nut that rotates on a friction free washer to compress the two plates together, thus expanding the rubber ring between the two plates to seal tightly inside the pipe or other chosen orifice.

Aluminium Plugs can also be used to seal manholes or pipework entries so that during transportation of large vessels like fractionation columns or heat exchangers and other vessels or tanks, all entries and exits can be blocked off to keep inert gas trapped in or to keep contaminating air and fluids from entering.

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